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A Study of Window Treatments

A Study of Window Treatments

If a beautiful photo or a gorgeous landscape painting merits a stunning frame, so does your home. Looking out into the world (your yard, your street), the frame you peer through shapes how you perceive what you see.

What do your window coverings say about you?

What does the window treatment industry have to offer you today that it didn’t before?

And when do you really need new window treatments?

Now, it’s all about custom, tailored window treatments. There are so many options in the market that the best solution requires detailed selections that unite the exact features that look and function the way you want. Some of the options will definitely surprise you!

Window treatments are overlooked in lots of popular interior design feeds, but they’re one of the details that denote an upscale design instead of a “budget” design. So, select wisely!!

This is the state of the window treatment market, starting with trends in style and technology


Bringing the Outdoors In

Biophilic design and indoor-outdoor living have been two tremendous trends in the last five years. And one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in without whole walls engineered to open to the garden or building an outdoor kitchen is to simply choose the right window coverings.

For instance, a sheer drape hanging delicately over blinds can be drawn, letting the sunrays in when the blinds are up. Divine!

Warm wood tones, too, can give an environment an earthy feel without sacrificing light protection. Wood and bamboo shades can also add a material look and feel that brings nature into your home in a breathtaking (and sustainable) way.

The best wood window treatment selections are made by hand. We work with custom Graber window treatments because of their extraordinary craftsmanship.

Load a photo of any room in your home to the Graber visualizer to see what different earthy selections would look like…



One of the BIGGEST shifts in interiors the last few years has been the reintroduction of COLOR all over fabrics and finishes!

The color selections available are incredible. Window treatments are no different!

From solid colors to patterns, browse the window treatment options that act as integral parts of a room’s design…your window treatments are no longer about staying out of mind, as neutral as possible…they’re an ingredient to a room’s color palette.

Among other colors, pastels are seen a lot today in window treatments. They’re rich but light, and in some materials and styles the sun can pass partially through the window treatments to cast exquisite tones across your space…

Mineral tones—especially metallics—are especially dazzling over windows, too.

Whatever you choose, bear in mind that window treatments still need to provide light control! If you’re putting more “pops” of color in an environment, window coverings will be crucial to protect those selections from sun damage!

Is it all becoming a bit much to factor in?! Contact us for a personalized walk-through of your window treatment selections


Think Sustainability

Sustainability is a focus that interior design is revolving around more every day. There are several reasons why…

  • The desire to “bring the outdoors in” makes sustainable selections of natural materials more appealing
  • The desire to bring down energy costs is constantly on homeowners’ minds, too
  • And the desire to reduce each household’s manufacturing footprint is also a key priority for many families

Different types of cellular shades have special sustainability ratings now, and they’re also made of recycled or sustainable materials.

Even the dyes used in fabrics are more sustainable in 2023. Many of these dyes harken back to traditional pigment processes that were replaced by synthetic options to bring cost down. This does mean that sustainable window treatments are more of an investment, but they’re increasingly popular in luxury environments because of their organic look and feel…


Connectivity and Convenience

Connectivity in window treatments can mean connecting your window coverings to an app on your phone, a remote on your shelf, or to occupancy sensors that take automatic action based on sunlight, time of day and temperature.

The options today are EXTRAORDINARY…

Did you know you could have window coverings open and close automatically?

Have you seen window treatments that were connected to an app?

Surely you’ve at least played with blinds that are remote controlled!!

These technologies enhance the sense of convenience, luxury, comfort and protection in homes. They take a space to new levels. You can even program your window coverings to open or close at specific times of day!!

How would you program your window treatments in each room of your home if you could?

If you’re getting excited now and want to make a change even before you order new window coverings, look at these 12 fun ways to dress windows!!


When do you “need” new window treatments?

There are PLENTY of reasons why you might be considering new window treatments.

But if you AREN’T considering them and you ought to be, what does that look like? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there any sun damage on finishes in rooms with lots of natural light?
  • Are there rooms where your window coverings are manual but you open and close them daily?
  • Are there any rooms whose window treatments you’re SICK of?
  • Do you feel like the shared areas of your home—especially where you host guests—have anything particularly beautiful about the window treatments?
  • Are there any rooms that tend to get warm even when the windows are covered?
  • Which window coverings are visible from the street?

These are all questions to ask…and with your answers, you’ll learn quickly which window coverings need attention.

To get an idea of what window treatments are out there now, read our Window Coverings 101 Guide

Now, tell us what YOU think! Or share an image with us from the Graber Blinds visualizer. We’re talking about this in our private design group, don’t miss out!!

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