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Window Treatments— Your 101 Guide

Window Treatments— Your 101 Guide

Whatever the style of your home, your windows are one of the first things anyone notices—from inside AND out. It’s no coincidence that windows are referred to as the eyes to the very core of your home.  They create an ambience that enhances your style. And they frame elements of your home as well as the very way you see the world around you.

We work to give you the very best advice and an endless stream of ideas to inspire the right choices for your window treatments. We love windows, and are proud to partner with companies like Graber  to give you access to the products we know will live up to the style and quality you deserve.


You really shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Now it’s just a question of design and style…You can view Graber’s expansive catalog on their website, and then when it comes time to buy we are your local Graber dealer who can make each purchase happen.

Thinking about window style requires opening your eyes to a new view…There’s LOTS to discover, and we can almost guarantee that you don’t know everything about each of the styles we’ve listed below…

Window treatments are beautiful and important products in your home design. They’re comprised of many swaths of material, arrangements, drapes and pleats for you to consider. Let’s take a look at how they’re defined in their different “buckets” of style to give you the tools you need to make the best choice for you!!

Window treatments also serve many purposes besides accent or decoration…they help control privacy and light.  Privacy and light control are probably the most important use for any type of window covering.  In bedrooms you’ve probably heard of black out curtains which are frequently used for media rooms as well.  Another important factor for consideration is how much or little light they allow into your home.  If you’re in a hot climate, like we are here in Texas, controlling the light also helps in controlling the heat!  As well, it helps preserve your finishes as light can be very damaging to flooring, rugs, furniture and those decorative fabric window treatments!

Types of window treatments

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. Most window treatments (but not all, so keep that imagination cap on…) can be classified as blinds, drapes or shades. You already know the basics: blinds are hard window treatments made of movable slats. Drapes are two long hangings that can be drawn together, act as stationary panels for decoration or any combination of fabric that is designed to act as an accent or decoration to your windows. Shades are raised or lowered by a cording system, spring or mechanics (think motorized!).

Particularly if you work with a company like Graber, all these window treatments are customizable and offer a WIDE spread of light and privacy control. There’s an endless variety of design choices and options, so let’s take a look at a few…

Artisan drapery

You can adorn your home with an enormous selection of drapes designed with lush, flowing fabrics in an inspiring catalog of styles and patterns. You can add a sense of elegance to a space with varying lengths of drapes, and maximize the benefits of insulation, sound absorption and light control with beautiful artisan fabrics.

Cellular shades


What are these, you might ask? You’ve SEEN these even if you didn’t know what they’re called—these are those soft fabric shades folded into honeycomb-shaped cells. They’ve gained their clout thanks to the energy-efficient barrier they form to keep your heating or cooling from escaping!  And…one of our favorite options for these shades are the ability to raise them from the bottom or lower them from the top!

Layered shades

If you’re interested in a “modern” take on light control or privacy, layered shades filter light through alternating sheer and opaque fabrics. The layers align when the shades are open and filter light through the sheer material. The nature of this design makes for an endless list of sheer and opaque fabric combinations…

Natural shades

For the green-conscious homeowner, there are also shades made with natural colors of renewable materials like bamboo, jute, reeds and grass. Their asymmetric texture adds a beautiful accent to your space. You can also add an outdoor element to patio doors using these light, natural shades.


Pleated shades

Pleated shades are created to filter sunlight and add depth to your window frame. And your options aren’t all opaque and room-darkening…there are also sheer shades and a WIDE palette of colors and patterns. Want to add some texture? There are options for that, too!  And…one of our favorite options for these shades are the ability to raise them from the bottom or lower them from the top!

Roller shades

Graber’s LightWeave fabrics boast the highest quality you can find in roller shades. You have an expanse of material options, not to mention patterns and textures.  No matter your home interior, there is a roller shade look that will suit it perfectly.

Roman shades

Roman shades are a particular favorite of ours! In Graber’s catalog you can choose between the Fresco Roman collection (neutral hues and crisp lines) or the Artisan collection (with endless fabrics and style options). These varieties are all exquisite and add a flash of class to any space.

Sheer shades

Are you wondering what the point is of a sheer shade? Sheer fabric shades block out harmful UV rays while keeping your space filled with light. All sheer shades have an airy design that diffuses light so those sunshine lovers can still get the most out of their space!

Wood and composite shutters

We’ve all seen these, but perhaps not everyone knows the variety available in wood and composite shutters. Graber’s timeless wood shutter designs use 100% North American hardwood and are all hand-crafted. You can even experience the wood look with an equally durable but more cost-effective solution with composite materials. These composite products are especially ideal for high-humidity rooms.

Wood and faux wood blinds

Similar to the wood and composite shutters, wood and faux wood blinds have a timeless sense of class that beautifully round out the design of any space. You can add a rich warmth to a room with meticulously-crafted designs ranging from rustic to modern stains and finishes. Similarly, faux wood composite blinds let you experience the look while better suited to a budget.

Motorized blinds and shades

MANY of Graber’s window treatments can be powered by a powerful but quiet motor and remote. You can enjoy the dependable ease that today’s technology has built into home design. We can’t tell you how much we LOVE these motorized window treatments!! The look of luxury meets the lifestyle of ease for any space—these window treatment remotes even have a 65-ft. operational range.

Not only can you raise and lower shades, but you can program intermediate positions to give you exactly the amount of light or insulation you want. And you’ll see no clutter from cords with these sleek designs.

Visualize your window treatments

You can talk to us, and as your local Graber dealer we can walk you through these spectacular options. We’d love to show you more of our favorites from the catalog. Or, for a quick visualization of the window treatments that interest you, you can use Graber’s digital rendering visualization tool to see more images of the window treatments you love.

And remember…Graber is offering a FREE bottom up/top down on a wide selection of their shades through the middle of August!! For nearby access to this free Graber offer, leave a comment or send us a message today!

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