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What Makes A Kitchen Remodel Timeless?

What Makes A Kitchen Remodel Timeless?

What if you could change the ENTIRE look of your space in just one day?

Most homeowners learn to combine trending looks with their own personal style. But trends come and go—and personal styles are never finite! Customers CONSTANTLY ask us how to design a space that flows seamlessly as both the years and their tastes go in opposite directions.

So…we’re here to tell you (and show you) that there IS a way to design a timeless remodel—actually, MULTIPLE ways! And we’ve pulled together two kitchen remodels to show you exactly what we mean.

Mid-century modern

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The first kitchen remodel we’re using to prove our point was inspired by mid-century design, but we added several modern and updated twists. The goal was to accentuate that “old world” style—a reoccurring kitchen trend—while removing ANY dated feel.

The slab-style cabinet (or European style) was the base that helped us achieve that goal.  These types of cabinets are known for their flat, sleek, and solid look. The style has been present in European home architecture for AGES (literally), but more recently found its way to the U.S. The cabinets’ simple, clean lines and cherry wood with neutral stain blend to create the perfect base for a kitchen to last a lifetime!

The kitchen countertops are another stable investment piece. And this remodel featured absolutely gorgeous black granite countertops. Granite is a perfect and natural pick for the kitchen. It offers a great defense against scratches and scuffs, and can even withstand just about any heat! Giving off a luxurious air, it also offers impressive colors that never fade.

To tie in the bold, black granite countertops with the more neutral cabinet color, a black crown molding and black cabinet toe kick were added. Crown molding adds value to ANY space in the home, and an accentuated toe-kick is creates a dramatic flair. Paired with the black and white stainless steel backsplash, this neutral base turns into a fun play on colors and materials that really catches the eye!

It’s right about here that we fell in love with this kitchen.

And the best part about this kitchen remodel? ANY pop of color can be used in this design! Various hues can be added or removed as the perfect accent piece, depending on your mood, the season, or any trend. This design is TRULY deserving of a mid-century modern look title.

Trendy transitional

Our next featured kitchen remodel combines two tones, similar to mid-century modern remodel but where the mood of the space is transitional.

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Transitional kitchens are unique by presenting the design concept of always going somewhere. When taking a look at this finished space, it’s bright with clean lines, but also dark and moody. Transitional kitchens are known for including a little bit of everything, in a classic way.

If that sounds confusing, try designing one!

The countertops and subway tile backsplash are both a clean white. The quartz countertops were fashioned after marble, allowing you to reap the benefits of the look of natural stone while being easy to clean and durable. If you’ve taken a look in any home design magazine, the white countertops are ABSOLUTELY on trend. But sticking with our timeless goal, we paired the white countertops with cherrywood cabinets with a cocoa stain. This allows for the transitional style of combining two different design concepts.

This remodel just begged to have shaker style cabinets! These cabinet types are the most common in U.S. kitchens, and from history it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere ANYTIME soon! The perks of the shaker style cabinets include the modern, clean lines with a nod to the past with the classic depressions at their centers.

Another unique feature in this design is the farmhouse styled lighting. These lighting fixtures are minimalistic in nature, and will NEVER go out of style! The recessed lighting accentuates important spaces in the kitchen to help with the workflow of the space. It’s EXTREMELY important in any kitchen design to not only consider the look but focus on the usefulness of each space.

…But, in the end…

Back to the TRUE reason we wanted to show you these two unique kitchen designs….although they appear to be each their own, they have MANY similarities that will help you with the transition between times and trends in your own home.

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Starting literally from the ground up, you’ll notice the floor tiles are a neutral, soft tone. This will be sure to compliment any color or concept that the kitchens may be molded into in the future.

In both kitchens, we also increased the number of lower drawers. The goal was to improve the functionality of these spaces. Inside the lower drawers of both remodels are custom grids to hold anything and everything, too, from plates to glassware!

We’ve decreased the amount of items stored out in the open, too. We’ve included open shelving in both kitchens, but we wanted the items displayed to be used both as decorational and functional pieces. And as the themes and colors of each kitchen flows with the times, different accents, plates, and cookware (really anything the owners wants) can be displayed for ongoing unique touches!

If you’ve read our previous posts (and we recommend you do if you like insider tips and hacks), you’ll know that cabinet hardware can change the ENTIRE feeling of any space. Yet, we specifically decided to use bar pulls on the cabinets in these spaces. Why? Because they work in any room at any time!

A kitchen redesign is a true investment in your home. While it is easy to fall into the trend trap of magazines and pop culture, you want your home to flow with the times—and with YOUR tastes!


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The two kitchens we feature here are PERFECT examples of how to combine timeless staple pieces with accents that are easily interchangeable. You don’t need to live in a cookie-cutter kitchen to stay timeless! You just need to make smart decisions.

If you need a little help, or have any questions about timeless kitchen remodels, give Signature Home Services a call today!

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