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6 Essentials to Achieve an Indoor-Outdoor Paradise

6 Essentials to Achieve an Indoor-Outdoor Paradise

It started before the pandemic…a trend of indoor-outdoor residential spaces where homes opened up to the outdoors.

…Luxury kitchens had whole walls designed to open to a patio or grilling area…

…Outdoor entertainment spaces had new and creative amenities like barrel saunas and open-air gyms…

Then, life changed in a way that no one had imagined. Everything changed at hyper speed during the pandemic. More than 42% of employees worked from home in 2020, and most forms of entertainment took place at home, too.

What people longed for more than ever was a connection to the outdoors, to nature, to the indoor-outdoor spaces that had suddenly become the zenith of residential luxury.  

Indoor-outdoor spaces blur the line between the yard and your home so you can experience the best of both. Indoor-outdoor spaces are the definition of opulence when entertaining, and they completely change how you cook, relax, and live.

Which indoor-outdoor elements would YOU truly want? Here’s how to define exactly that…


Define What You Want in Your Indoor-Outdoor Space

A recent study by MarketResearch.com found that:

  • 62% of homeowners today prioritize outdoor dining in their indoor-outdoor spaces
  • 41% of homeowners focus on outdoor kitchens
  • 39% of homeowners are into indoor-outdoor screen rooms
  • 8% of homeowners long for an outdoor bar
  • And 5% of homeowners dream out an outdoor office

Where do you fall? Are you more into moving key parts of your day-to-day outside?… Or are you pining to entertain guests under the blanket of starry nights?

The Signature Home Services team recently completed an indoor-outdoor project we call the “Entertainer’s Paradise,” because this client wanted EVERYTHING you see above…and more.

Add to that the private gym built inside the pool cabana (with a weight center, Peloton equipment, and more…), full bathroom and kitchen, multiple outdoor entertainment areas, and completely re-done pool…and this project will give you limitless inspiration to define right now what you really want.

See the full playlist of video walk-throughs by President Rob Mathews and CEO/Principal Designer Robin Burrill of the Entertainer’s Paradise pool cabana indoor-outdoor living space


Six Essentials for an Indoor-Outdoor Space

The pool cabana and indoor-outdoor living area that the team built for this client are exquisite. The design details are timeless, and the project has an instant “WOW” factor for everyone who comes to visit.

The most important details, however, are the design decisions that make this area a legacy project for the client. It’s the details that make this space functional, easy to maintain, and a comfortable year-round environment.

These are the essentials for a truly lasting, legacy indoor-outdoor space…


1: Everything Waterproof

This pool cabana boasts a selection of surfaces, finishes, and selections that are ALL waterproof. If the clients wanted to, they could hose the whole space down!!

The cabinets are waterproof…

The stone and tile are waterproof or slip resistant…

This is essential for an indoor-outdoor space for obvious reasons. You can’t let rainfall or spill over from the pool (or even tumbled drinks from guests) destroy your investment.

Making waterproof selections (especially for cabinets) also makes your indoor-outdoor space SO much easier to clean.


2: Make It Year-Round

You need MULTIPLE solutions for climate control if you want to use your indoor-outdoor space year-round.

…And really, why wouldn’t you?

No matter the season, there are ways to say warm or cool and get your biggest return on enjoyment. For instance, in the Entertainer’s Paradise, custom design details included:

  • Mini splits for air conditioning
  • A custom (humongous) ceiling fan
  • Remote-controlled screens (to keep bugs out and heat in)
  • TWO ten-foot long outdoor fireplaces
  • A firepit surrounded by seating
  • And…the best way to cool off: the adjacent pool!!

This client also installed a storm shelter that can fit nearly a dozen people. Minding the weather isn’t just about staying warm or cool, at least not in Texasplanning for the most extreme weather is part of an indoor-outdoor oasis, too.

The same MarketResearch.com report above also polled homeowners on outdoor amenities, and this is what is most important to homeowners right now…

  • 67% say firepits
  • 41% say outdoor fireplaces
  • 36% say swimming pools

The Entertainer’s Paradise has it all. Which is most important to you?…


3: Flow and Layout

It might be called “interior design” when it’s indoors, but the design layout and flow of your indoor-outdoor space is essential, too!!

Deliberately plan your areas with a few key things in mind…

  • Set up spaces that can provide more intimate circles as people group together to talk
  • Also allow for moveable furniture as people mingle and mix
  • Consider what parts of the yard people will walk through frequently as they cross from one popular area to another; is your landscaping designed for that movement?


4: Correctly Designed Grill and Kitchen Spaces

The grill is the pinnacle of the dreamiest indoor-outdoor spaces…

Grilling always sent us outside before, and now many homeowners can grill with fully-furnished indoor-outdoor entertainment and dining spaces (or full kitchens)!

The grill you select isn’t just about the bells and whistles…it’s about how and where it fits into your indoor-outdoor space design.

For example, in the Entertainer’s Paradise, a grill was installed inside a section of custom cabinetry built for it so the grill won’t occupy ANY counterspace in the outdoor kitchen.

The client also loves entertaining so much that multiple grills were required…just look at this outdoor kitchen set-up!!

Other features to consider for the grill area outside are:

  • Built-in seating
  • Custom cabinet storage
  • A refrigerator
  • A sink


5: TVs for Outdoor Use

Yes, TVs can be designed for outdoor use!

This includes specific design of the screens so that they can be adjusted for ALL kinds of natural light, not to mention weather and temperature resistance…

Would you have ever thought to shop for a TV with “designed for outdoors” in mind?!


6: Practical and Beautiful Transitions

Plan a “WOW” transition from your main home into your outdoor paradise…

THAT is what will take your breath away every time you step outside.

In the Entertainer’s Paradise, one transition from indoors to out is from the primary bathroom…the owners can step into a private patio where screens can lower for total privacy (and bug control), OR they can raise the screens to turn it into another shared space.

The BEST part of this outdoor patio is the custom Brewster system installed in the ceiling…the slats can be turned remotely to let sun in, or closed when desired, and will even close automatically when rain is detected.

Then, take a breath…because there’s an INCREDIBLE 15-foot custom Pella door system connecting the main living room to the pool area. Just imagine opening that up for a night under the stars when you have guests over!!



…More than 58% of homeowners said that a “connection to the outdoors” will be an important influence on their home design choices as soon as they start their next projects.

Another 45% said that outdoor entertaining is also on their minds…

Indoor-outdoor living spaces are “in,” but this is no passing trend. This connection to nature combined with the best application of today’s technology and design prowess shows that indoor-outdoor investments are spaces that will last. These are legacy projects and will define the future of home design.

Which of these “essentials” do you feel will be easiest to achieve? Which do you fear will be a challenge?…

Start the conversation in our private design group…tell us what you really want to see, and what your indoor-outdoor paradise would hold…

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