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Which of Today’s Interior Design Trends Aren’t New at All

Which of Today’s Interior Design Trends Aren’t New at All

Recent design trends have merged the past with the present. Traditional-style furniture made with Lucite legs, maximalist patterns, and tassels on footstools are all “in” like we’ve never seen them before…but anyone born before 1980 saw plenty!!

Have you ever admired the aesthetic of something and been pulled in by its trendiness, only to realize later that it’s an old design style that cycled back?

Take, for example, the sleek minimalism that flooded interior design in the 2000s. It felt SO clean, so modern…but that trend was based on mid-20th-century design that married functionality with furniture styles that seemingly flowed around the room over rounded edges.

This is the question you need to ask yourself:

         Are your home interiors timeless, or trendsetting?

Prepare to be surprised by the origins of today’s hottest interior design trendsthen, let’s see if your answer changes by the end!!


1: Curtains and pillows

Tassels and fringe are suddenly everywhere, and the texture is a welcomed change after the minimalism of the “greige era” in design!!

Don’t you remember, though, the playful tassels and fringe that adored curtains and pillows in the ‘80s and ‘90s?! If you don’t, you weren’t born yet, because they were EVERYWHERE.

Today, from Bohemian-inspired macrame to tasseled lampshades, fringe is coveted again in interior design. According to Houzz, searches for “fringe décor” have surged by 40% in the last YEAR alone.


2: Colors and patterns

Fringe isn’t the only trend experiencing a revival.

Cast your mind back to the vibrant colors and eclectic patterns of the 1970s…this is when maximalism took hold, reigning supreme for over a decade.

Today, we’ve seen a huge resurgence of this expressive style as homeowners reembrace jewel tones, intricate patterns, and — to throw in a new element — lavish textures.

From sumptuous velvet sofas to boldly patterned wallpaper, maximalism is back. One format it’s taken on is the grandmillennial design style. Homes have been injected again with drama, personality, and a hint of glamour.

According to a recent Etsy report, searches for “maximalist décor” have jumped 89% in the last few years…and if people are searching for it on Etsy, they’re searching with the intent to BUY!



3: Traditional furniture

Now let’s take a trip further back in time to the elegance of traditional style furniture…

This furniture style dominated interiors for CENTURIES.

Today’s interpretations of traditional furniture breathe new life into these classic designs through the use of:

  • Totally new finishes
  • Performance fabrics
  • Innovative building materials
  • And, specifically, mixed materials

Picture ornate, Victorian-inspired consoles crafted from acrylic and metal. This fusion of classic and innovative has created a timeless aesthetic that blends sophistication and comfort. This is still a trend, but it’s a rare one…it reaches so far back in time that it won’t look dated in five years like most trends do…


4: Chic “period” décor

There are some specific fads of yesteryear that are coming back in their original manifestations, too.

Take the uptick in terrazzo, the once-popular flooring material from the 1970s that’s now adorning everything from countertops to decorative accessories.

Or how about the renewed interest in rattan furniture?! Some of us didn’t see that coming!!


What do we learn from this journey through design history? It’s tempting to rush into trends, but design tendencies cycle in…and out. What’s in vogue today could be out of fashion tomorrow.

It probably will come back at some point…

But chasing trends only gives you a moment’s delight. To create a living space that stands the test of time, one that reflects your personality, understand the cyclical nature of interior design…while staying true to what you love.

True elegance lies in creating an environment that depicts your personality effortlessly with a timeless chic…this creates an environment where the echoes of the past meet harmoniously with the beat of the present!

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