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The Untold Secrets of Performance Fabrics

The Untold Secrets of Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics are a true game-changer in the realm of interior design.

You’ve already heard about the durability and stain-resistant magic of performance fabrics, but there’s more to know if you’re going to make the RIGHT decision for your home.

Take flight on a textile adventure and unravel the secrets of performance fabrics… with occasional insights from a captivating conversation between a fabric specialist and yours, truly!!


Discover Your Perfect Performance Fabric: A Quick Quiz

If you really want to know which performance fabric is best for you (based on your needs, your lifestyle, your preferences), take this quick quiz…it’s all about loving your home and never settling…which is why it’s worth learning which fabric is right for YOU!

1: Lifestyle:

Are you seeking a fabric that ages and develops character over time?


2: Stain-Resistant:

Do you prioritize a fabric that requires minimal effort to blot spills and maintain its pristine look?


3: Texture Temptation:

Are you drawn to the irresistible softness and captivating texture?


4: Versatility:

Are you looking for customizable options and flexible arrangements?


5: Neutrality:

Does a neutral canvas better align with your aesthetic preferences?


6: Family-Friendly:

Are you committed to regular care, including vacuuming, to ensure the longevity of your fabric?


7: “Luxury Wrinkles”

Can you commit to avoiding “luxury wrinkles,” understanding that even performance fabrics need a bit of care?


Now tally your “Yes” answers…

  • 5-7 Yeses: Suede Symphony! Embrace the rich elegance of performance suede for a sophisticated, character-filled furniture piece. Read more about caring for suede performance fabric below…
  • 3-4 Yeses: Boucle Bliss. Dive into the trendy world of boucle, enjoying its soft texture and versatility!
  • 1-2 Yeses: Olefin Oasis. Opt for a customizable olefin-based performance fabric to combine easy care requirements with family and pet-friendly performance.

Remember…the perfect performance fabric is the one that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and commitment to care.

Here’s what that commitment to care looks like for these three wonderful options…


1: Secrets of the Suede Symphony…

  • Scratching is the new patina: Performance suede will develop a unique character over time.
  • Stain alert: Performance suede demands careful blotting because spills can leave a lasting mark.
  • Luxury wrinkles: Even performance fabrics need TLC, so vacuum and follow care instructions.

FINAL VERDICT: Performance suede brings elegance but requires a touch of care to age gracefully.


2: Deciphering Boucle Bliss:

  • The texture that captivates: Performance (polyester) boucle’s softness and texture are irresistible!!
  • Performance ≠ bulletproof: Regular vacuuming is KEY to maintaining its beauty…but the catch is…well, it will CATCH! Even polyester boucle will get unattractive pulls all over if you aren’t careful.
  • Material myths: Traditional boucle is made of wool, cotton, linen, or silk. Polyester boucle is a performance fabric with performance perks, but it STILL requires maintenance.

EXPERT TIP: Traditional boucle, like real suede and other textiles that aren’t inherently “performance,” can be treated with protective performance materials. This helps grant them a MUCH longer life…but treatments need to be repeated over time.

Have you seen Amy Mints talk in detail about these fabric treatments?! This is important…watch a few minutes of the interview right now.

FINAL VERDICT: Boucle’s trendy allure demands attention, and a little maintenance goes a long way.


3: The occult of the Olefin Oasis:

(Olefin is one of the highest-performing performance fabrics that can be made to imitate just about anything.)

  • Customization wonders: Olefin-based performance fabrics provide endless customization options, which is especially helpful when avoiding luxury wrinkles in detachable cushions and flexible arrangements in custom furniture pieces.
  • Pet-friendly: Olefin is also durable and has quick-drying properties that are essential when emergency cleaning comes up!!
  • Static-free for the family: Olefin is also resistant to static buildup, which makes it a great performance fabric to flop into without worrying about getting shocked.

FINAL VERDICT: Olefin, with its pet-friendly perks and customization wonders, becomes the star of much of interior design performance fabrics today.

To learn about more performance fabrics and treatments for non-performance fabrics, watch the video where Amy Mints explains how different fabrics behave in real life. (There was a part two to the interview with Amy, too!) Learn more about their upkeep and which is the perfect selection for your home…

For custom dreams…

Imagine a world where your furniture is an extension of your personality. When you opt for made-to-order custom pieces that allow you to personalize your upholstery, you’re not just choosing fabrics; you’re creating a story. The investment is worth it when it’s YOURS.

The joy of selecting every detail for your furniture, from the fabric to the finishing touches, is truly unparalleled.

Want to see what some of those customizations look like?…

Join our private design inspiration community for more insights and examples!! Connect, share ideas, and elevate your home to the stature it was made for…

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