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Illuminating insights: trends from the 2024 Lightovation in Dallas

Illuminating insights: trends from the 2024 Lightovation in Dallas

When Lightovation Dallas 2024 wrapped last week, I was super satisfied.

This year’s event was a FEAST for the senses. And with the totally-immersive metaverse experience, this year’s exhibit REALLY took the event to a new level…

If you’re not familiar with Lightovation, it’s an interior design industry event that showcases cutting-edge lighting products and trends. The Dallas convention center is truly transformed into my favorite kind of playground!! From sleek pendants to traditional-inspired chandeliers, I LOVE visiting Lightovation every January to get a pulse on what’s next in the lighting world…

Did you see my other recent article on 2024 interior design trends? Some of them will surprise you…

If you want to get into the juicy details of what I saw at Lightovation…get ready to be enLIGHTened!!


Virtual Reality in Interior Design

I got to tour the TrendHouse with the 3D headset at Lightovation…and it was one of my biggest leaps into the Metaverse so far. There was TONS to see and learn about this…and my dear friend Leslie Carouthers was there to talk to everyone about it!!!

This initiative IS the future of design. An immersive 3D experience to walk clients through their dream space?! Yes, please!!!

VR in design and construction will be BIG. Have you ever tried an immersive design experience? Can you imagine trying it?! All your selections and the full design of your renovated space will be set in a photo-realistic tour you can literally walk around…look up, and you’ll see the ceiling detail! Look down, and you’ll see the flooring selection! Walk forward and you can see what’s behind the couch. It’s ALL there!!!



Trends in Pendant Lights

Although I’m not sure I’m ready for pendant lights to make their way back into design (since, in hindsight, I can see we WAY overused them)…these are truly special! Look at the detail. And the leather!!!!!

This selection made me think about ALL the trends I’ve seen in design the last two years…mixed materials, LOADS of texture, and an exquisite level of detail you’ve never imagined before.

Now, I know I said I’m not a fan of pendants, but let’s make that SINGULAR!! When you group them, vary the height AND can mix and match?! Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!


Textures and Metallic Palettes

The lighting hardware I saw puts an updated spin on retro! The quality was incredible, too…

The hardware also follows one of the biggest trends I’ve seen in the 2020s: texture in detail. The use of many different metallic finishes continues to be a phenomenon, too.

And look at this light!!! Wow!!!!! The detail was just amazing!

Some of my FAVORITE lighting were pieces I could interact with…

There was plenty of furniture displayed at Lightovation, too. This chair is interesting! Remarkably large scale. The colors are very “on trend”….but…🤨 What are your thoughts?

And what are your thoughts on this color?! In my opinion, the chair on the left mixed with other colors would have been more my style, but it’s a great monochromatic look!

These are conversations we should keep having. I’ve shared LOADS more in my private design community on Facebook. Join me now and share your thoughts!!

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