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Colorful and Clever: Two terms predicting 2024 interior design trends

Colorful and Clever: Two terms predicting 2024 interior design trends

It’s 2024, and manufacturers are getting ready to launch their spring collections.

Do you know what to expect from 2024 interior design? Some of the trends that started the last few years will continue…and then, new trends will come in. The question is: which trends should you care about?

Interior design trends are like fashion trends…have you ever looked at a photo from 20 years ago and thought, “wow, I wore that?!” The same can be true of your home.

Some trends will clearly last while others are obviously fleeting. (A professional interior designer can steer you to the timeless selections if you don’t want to redesign again in five years…)

If you do LOVE one of these 2024 trends, though, and you don’t mind switching it up again if you “get over it” in 2025, then there’s nothing to stop you from jumping into these major design movements.

There are two words that can sum up 2024’s interior design trends: colorful and clever. Keep reading to learn what color has to do with anything, and what “clever” trends could change your life…and then decide for yourself what you’re most looking forward to this year!!



1: Color palettes in homes are splashier now!

It couldn’t be more exciting to share that COLOR continues to trend in interior design!! For years, minimalist styles with palettes of white, beige, gray, greige, and every other “boring” color were all the rage.

These environments were clean…

They looked bigger…

But they were TEDIOUS. Now, we’re in the reign of vibrant colors…and you have your choice between nature-inspired palettes (more on that soon) or gem-tone marvels with LOADS of popping hues!

2024 will continue to be a kaleidoscope of unapologetic colors…just be sure to select the colors (and the combinations) that resonate with YOU, not just the latest color forecast. This is where the trend should end and your taste should take over.

EXPERT TIP: You can add a quick pop of color into any room right now with an accent furniture piece or a new piece of artwork. Where could you use some more color in your home?…


2: The “Grandmillennial”

Granmillennial style was a buzzword that showed up a year ago…to visualize it, just combine vintage patterns with chunkier, more modern floral and fairly tasteful maximalism. Artful maximalism is much more of an art than just filling the shelves with tchotchkes…it’s about blending the charm of the past with the comforts of today.

Furniture started going more traditional a couple years ago, too, which supports this look. The use of materials is truly fascinating, because it’s no longer wood and upholstery only…you’ll see a traditional style chair with Lucite legs, performance fabric upholstery, tassels, and metal all in one!!

EXPERT TIP: The Grandmillennial style loves shades of pink…they automatically go with “Grandma’s” throw pillows and wallpaper, don’t you think?!


3: Artisanal décor

Part of the extra-textured, extra-maximalist style in homes today means showcasing artisanal décor. Handcrafted ceramics and textiles, handmade rugs…they all tell a story and add character to your environment. You can travel through your life’s adventures every time you walk through your home…

EXPERT TIP: Consider your favorite artisanal piece as table centerpiece. It can be a wonderful conversation starter…



4: It’s good for you and for the planet…it’s “sustainably chic

Calling something “eco-friendly” doesn’t just sell stuff…it can shape major lifestyle decisions. As a homeowner, the decision to favor sustainability is easier in 2024 than ever. It’s no longer a game of what you can “sacrifice” to go greener…it’s about your home becoming a canvas of conscious choices that look and feel good.

Some of the top sustainability decisions in home design include the appliances you select and the major materials like flooring and countertops. Your designer can show you some of what’s out there this year…you’ll be in AWE of the options!!

EXPERT TIP: For a touch of sustainability right away, consider a handcrafted table or piece of décor made of recycled wood or glass.


5: Biophilic décor

Not only is there a growing tendency for sustainability, there’s also a HUGE trend to “bring the outdoors in.” This is a lasting movement that’s become more creative the last few years. (We know it, because we were just awarded the NARI Contractor of the Year for Outdoor Living due to the work we’ve done with clients to achieve this.)

What’s “bringing the outdoors in” mean, exactly? It means you can expect to see custom entries that open a whole room up to the outdoors…and you’ll see full outdoor kitchens…more developed patio areas…better landscaping…

You’ll also see more nature-inspired décor inside, from real plants to flora-inspired wallpaper, upholstery, and more.

EXPERT TIP: Adopt a low-maintenance plant or consider some nature-inspired wall art for an instant touch of the outdoors inside your home.


6: Multifunctional marvels!

This is where things are changing the MOST in 2024. In a world where space isn’t the only luxury, multifunctional furniture is offering more features and comforts than ever.

Picture “nest” drink tables that pull out so you can place separate tables all over the living room…

Or how about a cabinetry pull-out that turns into a standing desk to work in the kitchen while the kids eat?!

Think about oversized sofas with built-in beverage storage, too, if that’s your thing…

Ottomans that store things are another easy addition without sacrificing aesthetics.


So there you have it…the colorful and the clever for 2024 interior design. What would you embrace? Trends come and go…but your home is a reflection of you, and it should be tomorrow as well as today.

Think of your home as a canvas…it tells a story that keeps you LOVING YOUR HOME (or falling in love with it for the first time, if you aren’t already). What’s life without love? What’s your HOME without loving it?!

Tell us about your trend favorites and what you’d love in YOUR home in our private design community

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