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10 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space

10 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space

Not all the ways we can refresh our homes are “sexy.” Sometimes, what we update isn’t even something people can see.

At the end of the day, though, what do you want your home to give you? Do you want a return on investment? A return on enjoyment? Does your home give you everything it could, or should?

These 10 home refresh projects are each a GAME-CHANGER. These are the secret sauce of making your home more comfortable…inviting…and, yes, beautiful.

Want your home to look good AND feel like your sanctuary? Then keep reading!


1: Mood lighting

You probably know that lighting can make or break a room…so, looking at your lighting now (through the lens of some must-do updates), why not consider a smart lighting system?

Picture it…you wake up to a light programmed to imitate the rising sun. During the day, your lights can mimic natural daylight in your home office to enhance productivity. Then, at bedtime, you wind down to the coral glow of sunset…

This is about SO much more than aesthetics…it’s about creating the ambience that shapes your mood.


2: The invisible hero: your HVAC system

OK, this one is as un-sexy as it gets…but just wait! If you commit to a schedule to service your HVAC system twice a year (in spring and fall), your home will be more comfortable and your air quality will be safer.

Doesn’t that sound like part of what your “sanctuary” should provide you?!

Some of us have had an experience where something small—adding a supplement to our regimens, or laying off gluten, or taking a walk every day after lunch—makes a HUGE difference in our quality of life. Sometimes, the change is HUGE, and we marvel at what a big difference a small change could make.

THIS is one of those small changes you can make…and then you can breathe cleaner air and see what a HUGE impact it has. Just try it out this season and find out for yourself!!


3: Step up the tech

Let’s imagine you weren’t impressed with the smart light system described above…

How would a smart security system change your day-to-day? Or maybe, imagine checking your fridge during work from an app on your phone to see what you need to get at the grocery store. How about controlling your thermostat, coffee maker, dish washer, and even your VACUUM from your phone (or from the couch with voice activations)?

THAT is the future of luxury living. Save more precious seconds for what you want to do with your time…and future-proof to age comfortably in place, while you’re at it.


4: Bring the outdoors in

This is a buzz phrase, it’s true. “Bring the outdoors in.” What’s that really mean?

Bringing the outdoors in can me lots of things.

  • …It can mean installing a 15-foot door that folds back and opens your living room to the back yard.
  • …It can mean switching your dining room décor for a nature-themed color palette.
  • …Or, it can simply mean adding plants to your interiors.

Whether you’re into permanents or the real thing, indoor plants have a stunning aesthetic. If you do opt for real plants, you’ll create a healthier environment too. Remember those oxygen bars of the 1990s?! You can add your own beautiful oxygen factories in each room of your home…

Expert tip: choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or snake plants if you don’t trust your green thumb.


5: Do a “wall makeover”

If you have a room whose walls are due for a makeover, consider a fresh coat of paint (a worthy maintenance task you should do every 5-10 years), or go for a statement wallpaper.

Have you seen the new wallpaper selections that are deliciously textured?! It’s more than patterns these days…it’s about a tactile experience you LOVE.


6: Updates with hidden storage

This is another one of those things that isn’t a refresh other people will see, but they’ll definitely be more comfortable if you’re strategic about what they DON’T see!

Say “bye” to clutter in the new year with some new storage. LOTS of new furniture can multi-task now…like ottomans with hidden compartments…open shelves…and custom cabinetry is the way to go in kitchens and bathrooms.

Your aesthetic needs to offer you a serene environment, right? Clutter will stay forever in your way if you let it.


7: Dress the windows up

Custom window coverings are one of those things that provide multiple essential benefits, but some people have this idea that they’re only an aesthetic thing.

Your windows, however, are where light, heat, and cold enter your home. They’re the eyes into the soul of your home, and they frame the world outside. Custom window coverings protect the interior of your home as well as your environment (think: temperature, light damage, sound pollution, etc.).

Doesn’t that sound like something worth your while to update?

Have a little fun…browse some of the custom window treatments out there right now!


8: Expand your space with mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for checking yourself out! They’re also strategic design elements. Make your space feel bigger and brighter with an easy addition, especially anywhere you entertain. Place mirrors in the right places and watch a room transform…

Expert tip: position mirrors opposite of windows to bounce natural light all around the room.


9: You need new bedding!

This is true for almost everyone…new bedding can change your quality of sleep in a crucial way.

Ah, bedding…that unsung hero. It’s NOT just an aesthetic task to select the throw pillows and the color palettes. Selecting silky sheets, plump pillows with optimal firmness, and cozy blankets will transcend “regular” sleep into your BEST sleep.

Expert tip: layering bedding of different weights and textures will create that unbeatable aesthetic of the cloud you can’t wait to jump into…


10: Personalize the fragrances of your home

Scent is a powerful tool that some people are hypersensitive to, for better or worse. Personalize the fragrance profile in your home by rolling out any combination of the following…

  • If you’re sensitive to food smells, ensure the ventilation in your kitchen is the best there is out there
  • If you’re a fan of flowery fragrances in the bathroom, treat yourself to the soaps and gels with lingering aromas that you love
  • Try your hand at homemade potpourri for the living room or other shared spaces, too

Remember…scent is the finishing touch that not only evokes memories, but helps create new ones.


These 10 opportunities to refresh your home each breathe new life into how you live and share space with your loved ones. Pick your favorite from this list and watch the magic unfold!! Whether it’s the elegance of statement wallpaper you love or the invigorating scents of your favorite fragrances, these projects turn homes into heaven on earth.

Then share your experience with us in our private design community!!

Don’t just dream it…live it! Loving your home is what it comes down to, every time…

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