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How to Create a Focal Point in a Room

How to Create a Focal Point in a Room

Master the art of creating a focal point in an interior, and you can elevate every space in your home to a point of serene elegance. Style and sophistication require more than making great selections in your interior design and renovation projects. They require knowing how to put those selections together.

Y’all know as well as anyone that a room without a focal point can become anything from “forgettable” to “overwhelming.” Focal points act as a visual anchor. They set the tone for the space. They turn heads and make lasting impressions.

Can you pick out the focal point in every room of your home? Or maybe, do you have a focal point that’s an eyesore? Roll up your sleeves if you’re ready to change that…because you’re about to learn the nitty-gritty of creating the perfect focal point.


The Basics of Creating a Focal Point

A focal point is a statement piece that attracts attention instantly and sets the tone deliberately. If you’re aiming for sophistication in your home, the focal point requires some real thought.

Here are some natural focal points that we build around…

1: The fireplace

For those of you in Texas (where the summers are HOTTER than jalapeños), fireplaces definitely aren’t a feature in every house. These architectural gems, though, are downright stately in some homes…and a beautifully designed fireplace can be the natural focal point and a crown jewel of your interiors…IF it has the tile, firebox and mantle you love, providing not just warmth, but visual allure.

Picture a sleek and modern fireplace or a timeless hearth. The design options you have today are without number, and the impact of a stunning fireplace is undeniable…


2: Windows (nature’s built-in art gallery)

The horizon stretches as far as the eye can see in some parts of Texas…but in the comfort of your neighborhood, it’s your yard and street you see. Some of us devote a LOT of work to adorning our yards and patios. Our windows are the built-in art galleries our homes provide to that intimate outdoors.

Frame your most breathtaking views with the right window treatments, and you’ll create another natural focal point for a room. Your windows can be living works of art. A well-dressed window doesn’t stop at showcasing the view, either…it becomes its own focal point that adds size and depth to the environment.


Unleash Your Focal Point Finesse

Each room in your home deserves a focal point…and it won’t be a fireplace or window every time!

Dive into these seasoned insights for creating a focal point in every other space of your home…

1: Gallery wall

Anyone can throw frames on the wall…but to create a focal point that breathes refinement into the space, you can design a gallery wall that does one of two things:

  • Tells a story
  • Weaves together artwork

If family photos are part of the mix, decide what “story” you want to tell, and how. Is there a plot? Is it chronological? Are you sharing a visual autobiography of loved ones?

Or, to work art together, consider 3D artworks alongside your framed pieces. Decide on a color palette first. Then ask yourself what “mood” you want to create…then filter potential art pieces through those expectations before you hang anything. And don’t be shy—go big or go home, it’s a focal point!!


2: Statement furniture

In the expanses of a classic, large Northern Texas home, furniture is more than functional…it makes a statement. It’s common to unknowingly oversize furniture if your space is big enough, but what’s more important is putting the right pieces in the right places to demand attention where you want it, and direct traffic where you want it, too.

There are SO many furniture pieces that act as great conversation starters today! Have you seen the galleries of photos at high point market in 2023 and 2022? Get some inspiration and give yourself FULL license to select that one piece you just love…and then, out of the chaos, you suddenly have a statement-making focal point!!


Final caution…avoid “focal point faux pas

Imagine a room where EVERY element screams for attention…like a BBQ where the brisket is engulfed in five different sauces. Tragic.

This is the “everything AND the kitchen sink” approach. Don’t go there. Today’s trends in Grandmillennial and maximalist interiors open the door to this mistake, but maximalism does NOT mean throwing everything together just because. It’s actually harder to design a maximalist space than a minimalist one…

READ: a focal point is singular. It stands out. It can’t do that if you throw all your design elements together in a blender!

This same faux pax can lead to a “disappearing focal point,” too…like an unwinnable game of “where’s Waldo,” a too-subtle focal point can get overshadowed by other elements if you aren’t careful.


…Creating a focal point is an art. You have to have something to “say” before choosing how to “say” it with the focal point. Whether it’s a statement fireplace, a window to the world, or a gallery wall that tells your story…embrace the grandeur of a beautifully done focal point and relish the reactions it evokes for all who enter your home.

Have some ideas of your own? Or maybe questions? Join the conversation in our private design community!

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