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Is a Canopy Bed a “Design Go” or “No?”

Is a Canopy Bed a “Design Go” or “No?”

There’s a fear that many of us carry deep inside….it’s the fear—and how EMBARRASSING just to think about it—that a design decision we make in our homes could look obviously dated in the just a few years.

“Oh, that bedroom is SO early 2020s…”

In all your uncertainty, you wonder…is that new trend you think you LOVE something to go for? Or is it something that will look dated by 2025?!

And what about those old styles that come back in a big way? Are you making a “timeless” decision in those cases, or are you just falling for another fad?

Of course, this question is answered case by case. And today is the day we get to the final verdict on canopy beds once and for all!


Canopy Beds—Then and Now

Lately, there’s been a bit of a boom of curtained or canopy beds. Usually, that fast a rise in popularity is a sign that something might be a trend.

All the varieties of canopy beds, though—with wrap-around drapery, built-in nooks and more contemporary alcoves with sheer curtains floating gracefully—still got your attention. Canopy drapery and four-poster beds were originally created to hold in warmth and enhance the dark and privacy of Dickens-era dwellers…but even modern, minimalist canopy beds have an inescapable elegance that turns your bed into the focal point of the bedroom.

Today, of course, we have HVAC systems and smart thermostats and insulation that create a FAR more controlled environment in our homes than a canopy of drapes ever could. We have black-out shades, too! A canopy bed, therefore, has lost its original utility if we’re honest…but it still has that “special something” in its look.

A canopy bed still feels like a big commitment in interior design, because it’s not a “look” you can tame down …the very structure of the bed is different!

So, is it worth it? Do you love canopied beds as much as you think you do?!


Canopy Beds—As Unique as a Bed Can Be

The thing is, a canopy bed can make stunning use of personally-selected design elements. Each bed and election of drapes and bedding come together in a distinctive way.

This look can be timeless…if you make the right selections in the details.

What’s your interior design style? Find out now, because that style CAN be achieved with the right selections for your dreamy canopy bed…


What’s the Difference Between a Canopy Bed and a Four-Poster Bed?

Just for the record, this is about canopy beds, but most of the commentary applies to four poster beds, too.

A canopy bed technically includes the top railing and a covered canopy…which can be left open or covered with drapery. A four-poster bed might support canopies but could just be four posts ornately stretched up to the ceiling.


What’s the Right Style for Your Canopy Bed?

Canopy beds are VERSATILE. You probably initially thought of Ebeneezer Scrooge in his nightcap and ornate canopy bed before, but a canopy bed can be designed to be as simple or ornate as you’d like.

For starters, most canopy beds stand around seven feet tall, but you can get some with even higher posts. This depends on the height of your ceiling…which, for obvious reasons, means that a room usually has at least a nine-foot-tall ceiling to accommodate a canopy bed.


Coordinate Your Canopy Curtains and Bedding

There are two principal ways to think about how to combine your canopy drapes with your bedding…because, yes, these SHOULD play off one another. This comes down to your design style and preferences, because it’s the sum of all parts that gives you the perfect alcove of hibernation you’ve pictured…

Route 1: Match your curtains with the bedding. This can be done with curtains that are a sheer version of your bedding color, or with patterns on the curtains that play off the solid color used in the bedding.

Route 2: You could add stunning contrast with colors that directly play off each other between the curtains and bed. If you have soft yellow curtains with a sheer vantage point of the sheets, that can play beautifully off your sky blue bedding or even white silk sheets. Just imagine the look and feel of THAT scene!!

How to Decorate Your Canopy Bed

Of course, it’s not just the drapes and bedding…this graceful bedframe with timeless attraction can be enhanced and turned into the gem of your bedroom with a few added selections…

  • How about a ribbon to fix and tie your curtains?
  • How about a rope wrapped around one of the bars for your drapes?
  • How about some artwork that complements your drapes?
  • How about lighting to play with the canopy curtains and create an even greater effect?!


How You Install Your Curtains Matters

You can create the mere effect of a canopy bed with curtains attached to the ceiling on tracks, too. Consider this a solution if you have a bedframe you already love.

Your curtains can also be installed to just one corner of the bed, or on just one side.

Whatever you do, ensure you have a way to bunch curtains up to keep them pulled back when you need to!


Moral of the story…

A canopy bed is a timeless selection…it takes classic style elements BUT is completely personalizable to add any contemporary twist you want. It’s a timeless design element that’s EVOLVED.

Whether it’s the “right” design decision to make depends on you and your preferences…It’s about your return on enjoyment, ESPECIALLY with a selection that doesn’t even alter the structure of your home! This isn’t about “salability.” That bed will stay with you even if you do sell your home and move!

This is about YOU turning YOUR bedroom into that relaxing retreat with your interior design style vibrating in every selection, whether that’s a minimalist, transitional, or more romantic approach.

Do you have a canopy bed? Have you ever?? Share with us on Facebook!

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