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When Choosing a Design Theme, Use These Products as Inspiration

When Choosing a Design Theme, Use These Products as Inspiration

An interior design “theme” is a hard-to-define idea for many homeowners. It’s like the narration behind the scene you set in a space…it’s the continuity that ties everything together in a style that radiates “you.”

What IS a design theme, though, and how does it differ from a design concept or an interior design style? 

Interior design themes are most helpful when they guide you as you make selections. Otherwise, design “themes” and “concepts” and “styles” only slap labels on what you love…and the REAL decision should come down to what you love, nothing more.

If the popularity of today’s personality quizzes are any sign, we clearly DO have fun learning what “labels” can be applied to us. It’s natural!

So, if you are looking to choose a design theme or classify what really suits you, let your selections guide you…

Scroll through these recent finds from our favorite vendors. Based on what strikes you, you can discover your theme for any space…


Scroll, sift, spark something

Just scroll through these products and take note of the ones you REALLY love…

What do you see in shared materials between the selections you like? What about in shared colors? What about in shared weight, texture, or level of detail? 

Think about the words you would use to describe these selections…

Those words are the beginning of your “interior design theme,” or the narration that speaks to your space.

Share those words with your interior designer to see how they can inform every  design decision, from the functionality to the finishes of your space…

Coffee Table by Corsican

Martin’s Chair by Charter Street

Staggered Chest by Craftmaster

Harris Screen by Custom Futniturela

Accent Table by Custom Furniturela

Adrian Two-drawer Side Table

Broan Oven Hood

Kohler Faucet

James Martin Vanity

Seren Entry Table

Indigo Leather Ottoman with Dark Walnut

Samara Entry Table

Duncan Chair

Ronan Writing Desk

Bodrum Rug

NEW Signature Collection

Ivory Shag Rug

Discovery Mirror

Frank Dining Table

Small Opal Bookcase

Portable by the Natural Light

Tura Frosted Glass Sconce 

Centenal Charcoal Pillow

Bubbles Mirror


Patagonia Etagere

Paula Deen by Craftmaster


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