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Design Details for Gorgeous Ceilings

Design Details for Gorgeous Ceilings

The ceiling of a room is a gloriously impactful but continuously overlooked element of design.

Each type of ceiling—and what you choose to do with it—has a huge impact on the character of the room. You can change the look or feel of any space with ceiling design that leaves your guests breathless…

We tend to focus on the lovely furniture and décor we fill our homes with…and we only really focus on function in rooms like the main bathroom or the kitchen.

A ceiling, though, brings beauty and functionality to every space because you always have a ceiling…and if you spend SO much time decorating the walls, why would you ignore that other dimension?!


First, there are types of ceilings to consider…

The ceiling is a much a part of your room as the walls. It (generally) covers the “guts” of the home and finishes off the exact look you want.

Most rooms have plain ceilings, sometimes with a texture (like what’s often called a “popcorn” ceiling).

Other ceilings have more intricate designs, whether with multiple levels, unusual shapes, or exquisite molding.

  • Modern interiors often have ceilings with sleek lines or curves
  • Traditional ceilings often have some kind of sophisticated molding
  • True “show-stopper” rooms often have unique ceiling architecture, like vaulted ceilings, dome ceilings and more

Other than considering the space itself (and its core purpose—after all, a bedroom will have a simpler ceiling than a dining room), think about your overall design style.

Recessed lights are most popular in modern, contemporary ceilings, for example. Traditional ceilings will add some of those luxurious architectural features like beams or panels.

For even more ideas…can you picture a ceiling covered with woven wood? Floating screens? Faux finish or even wallpaper?!

Each option gives a space a TRULY instantaneous “look.” If it’s the look YOU want, then you’ll know it when you see it…


A favorite ceiling element: molding!

Molding deserves its own mention because there is SO much you can do with it on a ceiling.

Add detail and elegance with ceiling molding that fits your fashion.

  • Decorative molding corners can add a muted but sophisticated look…
  • …while ceiling medallions add intense visual interest
  • …or, have you considered adorning the center of your room with elegant molding around the chandelier?

The types of molding you can choose are too many to count…learn about the principal types of molding to start gathering inspiration…


Lights that play off the ceiling design

Where you place your lights not only impacts the overall feel (and function) of a room, it can also play off the ceiling design.

For example, imagine a stylish recessed ceiling…now picture LED lights lining the raised portion in the middle of the room. GORGEOUS!

The right lighting will also make a smaller room appear larger, or vice versa.

The DIRECTION of your lights matter, too. Lights that go upward add more drama than those that go downward, for example.


Ceiling color selections

The paint color for ceilings is NOT limited to white.

And, just like the walls of your space, your color selection has a massive effect on the overall interior…

Much of the same rationale and study that goes into wall color selections ring true with ceilings, too, like…

  • Darker colors bring a ceiling inward, making a room feel safer or cozier
  • Lighter colors open a space up
  • The sheen is usually semi-gloss for low ceilings (to help the space seem larger)
  • Sheen can be a factor you play with, however, to hit the right notes of that perfect ambiance


The perfect ceiling design is NOT just about color.

…It’s not just about architectural features, either.

…It isn’t even just about lighting!!

Bring these three elements together and you’ll REALLY design the perfect ceiling for an unforgettable space.

Not sure where to start? You know we would LOVE to talk about your wants and need!! Start a conversation with our interior design team today…

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