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8 Ways to “Class Up” Your Home Security

8 Ways to “Class Up” Your Home Security

Your home should feel like a secure, secluded oasis.

That’s what you normally pay thousands for on vacation! But…that same sigh of relief you breathe at a vacation destination can be yours in your home.

Really, why shouldn’t it be?

Security and privacy shouldn’t come at the cost of style, though…and they don’t have to. Gone are the days of blocky cameras hanging from the corners of rooms. Cameras are still a necessary component of home security, but their addition can be woven in as part of your home décor.

Yes, really.

Security means so much more than cameras, though…it means safety when you’re home and when you’re not…it means health and WELLNESS…it means granting yourself the daily reprieve you need from all outside stresses, too.

Take a moment to think about your vision of home security, then be prepared to add MANY new elements. You can blend style and security better today than ever before. Here are eight ways to go about it…


1: Blend Everything In

The simple presence of a home security camera was once said to deter some thieves from breaking in. Some security providers even recommended putting cameras up whether or not they were live.

Today’s thieves, however, are breaking in regardless of the presence of cameras. Most burglars have tricks to avoid or damage cameras as part of a new “foregone conclusion” that everyone has cameras, anyway…

Hidden cameras therefore still do the job of documenting what happens in your home, but since they’re hidden, they’re also being discrete.

To class up your camera system, upgrade to the most recent and smallest designs, then mount them high up and around light fixtures or awnings (if outdoors). If inside, you can set cameras on bookshelves to surround them with plants or other décor.

Today’s BEST security cameras and other security products have dual functionality, too, so those provide cameras that are hidden in plain sight. For example, your video doorbell is installed on your front door…and it’s a sleek doorbell, so there’s no need to hide it.

Not sure what the interior “style” is so you can stay true to style as you shop security devices?! Take our interior design style quiz!


2: Use Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are a gorgeous and timeless design element. Just look at how mirrors reflect your design style…don’t some of the mirrors in that article immediately inspire a reaction?!

Mirrors are also a clever addition for security. For example, a large mirror hung in your bedroom that reflects the door lets you see exactly who comes in. Or a mirror in a hallway can help streamline foot traffic as people can see and anticipate someone coming.

Of course, a mirror by main doors into your home (whose reflections can be seen from the nearest nook where you tend to sit) is another first-class way to stay aware of your surroundings…it can also be a beautiful accessory for people to see as soon as they come in.


3: Try Tasteful Exterior Lighting

ALL lighting in and around your home today can be set up with:

  • Dimmers
  • Motion sensors
  • Smart speaker connections
  • Automations…

So, why NOT select the perfect outdoor lanterns, sconces or fixtures to illuminate your space?! You don’t have to install ugly, blocky motion sensor lights anymore.

…Remember to stick with the style you LOVE, but also ensure those outdoor lights do come on at night when anyone comes near an entry point of your home.


4: Raise and Lower Blinds from Anywhere

Today, window treatments have their own technological advancements that connect your blinds, shutters, or shades to your smart home.

Just picture it…if you have TOTAL remote control access to raise or lower, open or close your window coverings…imagine how well you can protect your home (while you’re gone) AND your family (when you’re home).

Whether you access the app from bed when it’s time to lower the blinds or from Venice the next time you’re away, your window coverings are one of the most essential elements of home security. They prevent burglars from seeing what’s inside and casing your home, and you can raise and lower them to give burglars the impression that someone IS home even when you’re not.


5: Time to turn on the smart speakers!

If you have a smart speaker system already, this is one of the most versatile safety tools for homeowners and their families. Using your smart speaker’s remote access, you can control any home system or appliance you connect…

So, how about you turn on the music while you’re gone?!

Just think—it’s like little Kevin McCallister’s trick in Home Alone. Turn on the music and the lights, and it could be a whole PARTY in there for all a burglar knows!


6: …ALL the Security Sensors You Can Find

Add freeze sensors to your external-facing pipes….add flood sensors if your property has areas of flood risk…add sensors to doors and windows with exterior entry points, and motion sensors around and inside your home.

In a fully smart home, you can even install sensors to alert you if the air quality is compromised, or if the temperature in a certain area falls too low, or climbs too high…

All these sensors and devices have created a completely new electrical plan for the average home, mind you…if you haven’t already thought about the new energy requirements for a modern home, now is the time to do so!


7: Prepare for Tornadoes

Just had to throw this in here, because we ARE in Texas after all…

Preparing for disasters is JUST as important as protecting your home against intruders.

Ensure at least one room is tornado-safe in your home, or install a storm shelter.

We just installed a storm shelter in a pool house project you might have seen on Facebook…just check out the video showing how a storm shelter is installed! It’s pretty interesting!


8: For Pete’s Sake, Go Cordless!

Cords on window treatments are SO easy to do without today…

It looks better, and it’s SO MUCH SAFER.

These days, remote control window coverings and OTHER cordless options are rightly popular. Why let cords dangle around your home and put small children or pets at risk?

Just look at some of the statistics of how many children go to the ER each year for cord-related strangulation…then look at the cordless options by Graber with their custom window coverings.

It’s not just window cords that pose a safety risk, either! How about laptop and charger cords? Keep these off the ground…and SERIOUSLY rethink your electrical plan so that it accommodates chargers and outlets where you’ll REALLY use them…without stretching cables halfway to the moon!


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We ALL love to keep our home stylish and comfortable, but neither of those things can justly be prioritized over security.

…Today, though, they really don’t have to be.

There is so much more to home security than putting cameras up…we have remote access and smart home systems, plus tasteful décor with dual functionality, and ALL these features can be woven beautifully into your space…without sacrificing your style even a little bit.

Have a specific security need you’re concerned could be an eyesore? Start a conversation with us today to see how we can help!!

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