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5 Things You Need To Know About French Doors

5 Things You Need To Know About French Doors

You recognize a French door when you see one, and its elegance and timelessness sets a mood you love. Their class is something that can completely shape a room, complement a patio, or even create an experience with that morning light casting through the many paned windows…

Classic double french doors.

But let’s back up a second. Could you DEFINE what does and doesn’t count as a French door if someone asked? You know them when you see them, and you even LIKE them, but…

A French door is a door—often a pair—of light construction with a glass pane or panes extending for most if its length. The pane might be a single piece or many panes. The panes also might be of the same size or bordered with smaller panes around a central one. These doors may also be referred to as “French windows.”

French doors are classic. They’re timeless. They bring light into your home and give a sense of added space. They’re elegant and beautiful and inviting. And they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon…

Which is fine by us!

So, if you’re as much of a fan as we are, what else do you need to know about French doors?

Five things you should really know about French doors

  1. French doors bring a special charm to carrying the outdoors in…That visibility of the patio sitting on the other side of the glass allows us (around Fort Worth and Keller in particular) to enjoy those summer days without ACTUALLY sticking yourself in the heat! But, really…French doors are one of the ideal presentations for outdoor-facing spaces. A window lets you see outside, but a French door frames each small capture of the world beyond in an artistic composition that lets you take the scene with you in a dozen memorable views.

French doors opening up to a garden.

  1. When you add French doors to a space, you change more than the wall they’re on. You change more than the view to the patio. You completely change the look of a space with French doors by adding light, and by adorning the room with that warm and unique pattern of sunshine stretching like a Dali painting across the floor. French doors can completely define the look, light, and even the air of a space. And, for outdoor-facing French doors, they can define the experience as SOON as someone steps up to your home…


  1. Particularly today, you have more design versatility than you realize with French doors! We guarantee it. French doors are a classic, but today they’re more durable, adaptable and affordable to fit to any home or space. You have fiberglass materials with faux wood finishes along with an endless selection of solid wood. The glass used can even include new technologies that block out additional UV rays so that those geometric jewels of light won’t do any damage to your skin OR your furniture and floor finishes. Manufacturers of French doors can also add features like “exterior cladding,” a metal or fiberglass skin to the exterior door that protects it from deteriorating.


  1. It’s not just about the outdoor-facing patio French doors. There’s more…just picture it: French doors framing the claw-foot clay tub in the bathroom, or that color of your freshly-painted walls in the next room bouncing through the panes to play off the color in the room next to it…French doors can be installed as any single entry from one space to another, and even with a set of indoor windows creating a wide presentation of glass panes to depart from the finality of a solid wall. This is especially beautiful for a solarium or any space where you hang lots of art. And here is where it’s helpful to consider single French doors as well as double doors, too! Let your imagination have a little fun!!

Single french door.

  1. And remember, it’s not always those checkered windows, either—there are full pane French doors AND designs with other geometric play. No matter the design you choose, French doors are one of the most elegant options to connect two spaces. Just choose how you want to view the world, and frame it accordingly!

French doors to dining room.

Make a lasting impression with French doors…because French doors, themselves, are lasting. They are timeless, and for good reason. Old World elegance meets new technologies today, and you can even enjoy the added value to your home when they day comes to sell. In the meantime, make them yours…let them define a space…and enjoy their unique and memorable elegance.


Have questions about French doors? Any photos of favorites? Do you want to know more about woods or materials?


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