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15 Ways to Rework an Existing Layout

15 Ways to Rework an Existing Layout

Does the layout of your living space reflect and support your lifestyle? How does your environment serve you and your guests when you host an event? Have you been looking at the same layout in your home for so long that you positively NEED a change?

From the allure of floating artwork to the sophistication of glass partitions, there are MANY simple changes you can make to your current layout. Think of each change as a brushstroke on a canvas…and as the masterpiece of a new layout unfolds, you can immerse yourself in the perfect environment that truly keeps you loving your home

The function and elegance you want are on the other side of some critical decisions. These changes to your layout can be achieved through something as simple as repositioning furniture all the way to moving walls, doors, or windows.

Your home can be a testament to your taste and can further enrich the tapestry of your family and social life…imagine any of these changes in your home and see what comes next!!


Furniture-Only Changes to Layouts

Fortunately, you can change the layout of your main living space by simply reconfiguring your furniture. This gives you the fastest satisfaction of that “refresh” you’re after…just look at the possibilities below…

  1. Shift the focal point: Change the focal point of the room by rearranging furniture around a different feature, such as a fireplace, a large window, or a piece of artwork. This can instantly alter the feel of the space.
  2. Invest in multifunctional furniture: Invest in furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as a sofa with built-in storage or a coffee table that can also be used as a desk. This not only maximizes space but also introduces versatility. There have been a TON of pieces like this at High Point Market the last two years!!
  3. Reposition furniture: Experiment with different arrangements of existing furniture to create a new flow and visual appeal. Move sofas, chairs, and tables to find the most functional and aesthetically pleasing setup. Not sure what’s “aesthetic?” Ask a professional interior designer.
  4. Divide an environment into “zones:” Divide a larger living space into functional zones using furniture arrangements. For example, use a sofa to create a separation between a living and dining area, or place a bookshelf to define a home office space.
  5. Experiment with floating furniture: Floating furniture arrangements are where pieces are positioned away from walls. This can create a more dynamic and open layout, especially in smaller spaces. This is part of savvy scaling, and something that surprises most homeowners…


Changes to Layouts that Move (or Remove) Walls

When it comes to any home built before 2000, there are usually opportunities to move or remove walls to create more open environments. This is a “big-picture” look at updating your layout in a full renovation…and now, here are some specific ideas around how it can be done:

  1. Install pocket doors: Replace traditional swinging doors with pocket doors to save space and create a seamless transition between rooms. This works especially well for areas like home offices or bedrooms…
  2. Create an open floor plan: Knock down non-load-bearing walls to create a more open floor plan. This is especially popular for combining kitchen, dining, and living areas, fostering a spaciousness look and feel.
  3. Expand a room by merging two: Merge two smaller rooms into one larger space by removing the dividing wall. This can be effective in creating a more expansive and interconnected living area.
  4. Add a half-wall: Instead of removing an entire wall, consider adding a half-wall to partially separate spaces while maintaining a sense of openness. This is particularly useful for defining spaces without fully enclosing them.
  5. Consider a glass partition: Install glass partitions or dividers to maintain a visual connection between rooms while still providing some level of separation. This can add a touch of modernity and elegance to the overall design.


Changes to Layouts that Move (or Remove OR Add) Doors or Windows

What a category!!

custom vitrine french doorFor the renovation projects that really allow you to redo a space, consider some of these extraordinary updates to rework a layout into something TRULY luxurious…

  1. Relocate a doorway: Shift the location of doors to improve traffic flow or to create a more logical entry point. Consider moving a door to a corner or reorienting it to optimize wall space, especially if you like to feature artwork.
  2. Add a window seat: Transform a window into a cozy seating nook by adding a built-in window seat. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also maximizes the functionality of the space.
  3. Install French doors: Replace a solid exterior door with French doors to bring more natural light into the living space and create a seamless connection to the outdoor area.
  4. Combine multiple windows into a window wall: Combine multiple windows into a continuous window wall to open up the view and flood the space with natural light. This is particularly effective in rooms with beautiful outdoor surroundings, and for indoor-outdoor spaces.
  5. Update your window treatments: Update the window treatments to alter the perceived size and height of windows. Use lighter curtains or blinds that allow more light to enter, giving the illusion of larger windows and a brighter space.


Thoughtful changes to the layout of your living space enhance the flow and functionality of the environment. For example, repositioning furniture optimizes traffic patterns and zoning. You can foster a better footpath through a room and encourage people to congregate where it’s most comfortable.

Introducing multifunctional furniture is particularly helpful to add versatility, too…that way, one environment can serve multiple purposes seamlessly.

And, of course, bigger visual changes like moving windows or adding glass partitions can offer the “wow” impact you want while transitioning spaces into more open and inviting environments. One space transformed by a new layout, the impact of natural light, and the elements you harmonize together can take your home to the next level of luxury.

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