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Possibilities You Never Thought of for Your Primary Bath

Possibilities You Never Thought of for Your Primary Bath

If you’ve ever dreamed of completely redoing your primary bathroom, you’ve probably imagined solutions that solve specific problems you deal with day-to-day.

For example…

  • Maybe your storage is TOTALLY unequipped for your needs…
  • Maybe your shower is boxy and, frankly, kind of hideous
  • Maybe your finishes are dated, and you really need an upgrade…

Whether your fantasies are functional, style-related or both, you are RIGHT to dream. Your primary bathroom should feel plush. It SHOULD feel like you’re stepping into a high-end retreat every time you close the door behind you.

You start your day in the bathroom and you end your day there. Why set your day up for anything less than absolute leisure and comfort? Why settle for less than complete ease at these most essential moments of the day?

…As you’ve thought about potential solutions for your bathroom’s shortcomings, you’ve probably thought about options like custom cabinetry, new tile selections, and even an all-ages curbless shower entry. These are the kinds of things that most homeowners think of first.

BUT have you thought about how a steam shower would change your life? Can you imagine how each of a smart toilet’s features would change your experience using and cleaning your bathroom?

If you’ve thought about some of these things already, have you also put your mind to what’s needed in order to incorporate these features into your space?

Consider these design features for your primary bathroom, and convert your space into a plush retreat that you take pleasure in every day…


Steam shower

A steam shower offers MULTIPLE therapeutic benefits. The first one most people think of is the ease of incorporating aroma therapy into your day. Steam showers also promote blood flow, loosen congestion, reduce joint stiffness and keep skin healthier.

Just as important, steam showers also feel EXQUISITE.

…Imagine stepping into a steam shower to end your day. The tension from work and all your to-dos pulses down your body as you gently open the door. You feel heavy. As soon as you glide into your spacious walk-in steam shower, though, the warm billow envelopes you. Pain falls away, your skin starts to glisten, and you feel your body go loose as you breathe in with a deep sigh.

One thing to think about when incorporating a steam shower into your primary bath is ventilation. A high-grade ventilation system for a bathroom with a steam shower is essential. You’ll want the motor of that ventilation system to be installed high up away from the shower, too, so your steam shower stays quiet and peaceful. You do NOT want to invest in this space and then have a noisy fan distract you from your experience!!

You can see one steam shower we installed recently in this stunning bathroom renovation



Imagine soaking in a tub with a flat-screen TV hanging right in sight. You don’t need to turn your head or rest uncomfortably to view it. You just half-lay, half-float in the warm water while the suds lightly “pop” in the background and you rest your eyes on your favorite show.

This experience is one some homeowners get particularly excited about. But…no one wants a TV in the bathroom to pollute surrounding areas with noise. It also doesn’t look like the preferred luxury bathroom layout if a TV is visible from the next room!

Design solutions are a must when incorporating a TV into your bathroom. Just look at how we installed this flatscreen TV in a recent bathroom renovation. You can ONLY see the TV from the tub, the shower, or in the mirror when you stand at the wall-length vanity. It’s discrete, and it provides this homeowner with EXACTLY the amenity they dreamed of.


Smart toilets

Seriously…the number of features a smart toilet can provide WILL surprise you.

Just look at the list of appliances we recently featured from our favorite vendors, where one smart toilet offers:  

  • Hands-free open and close
  • Ambient colored lighting
  • Energy-efficiency settings
  • Saved, personalized settings
  • Heated seat with multiple levels
  • Advanced controls in the Kohler Konnect app, including self-cleaning options

Think about how self-cleaning could change your life!!


A vanity that’s perfectly lit

Every primary bathroom deserves a breathtaking vanity. Too many of those vanities, however, have lighting that is poorly thought out.

It doesn’t just matter how bright the bulbs are or what temperature of light you prefer. It doesn’t even matter if you have the cutest fixtures installed around the mirror. Your lighting MUST be installed evenly all the way around a vanity for it to provide the lighting you need.

If you don’t have perfect lighting all the way around the mirror, then you WILL be stuck unable to see properly (or with your mouth and neck cast in shadow)…or you’ll see TOO MANY THINGS too sharply with the wrong bulbs, which makes the vanity experience something of a nightmare as you get ready every day!


Grooming stations

This is one feature that is SO simple, it might surprise you it’s even on the list…but it makes a TREMENDOUS difference in your day-to-day.

A grooming station is a pull-out custom drawer with a heat-protected cup and an outlet. You can keep your blow dryer and your curler plugged in (or whatever other grooming item needs electricity), and then you can place those items in the cup where they can cool safely while still getting tucked cleanly away.

Grooming stations are discrete, practical, and truly perfect for daily routines.


A luxurious primary bathroom depends on SO much more than just beautiful finishes. Your primary bathroom needs the design and function that creates the perfect space to unwind. Your primary bathroom can be calm—even therapeutic—if you consider some of these features.

For other ways to make your primary bathroom feel like a spa, keep reading.

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