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7 Ways to Make Your Master Bath Feel Like a Spa

7 Ways to Make Your Master Bath Feel Like a Spa

For those who are into the extra fluffy robes, mani-pedis and hour-long massages, spas are natural mood relaxers and life improvers. It’s no surprise that Americans spent about $19.1 billion in spa services in 2019.

Why do Americans spend so much at the spa, though, when their master bath can be updated to provide them that kind of luxury and relaxation every day at home?

One of the most intimate and personal spaces in your home is your master bath. It’s the place where you start your day…whether with a light shower or a warm bath. It’s also where your whole day ends as you brush your teeth, clean up, and get ready for bed.

The homeowners WE know all want to live a healthy, improved, and happy life. Spas offer this. We believe their master baths should offer it, too.

The only way to make your master bath an irresistible space with a TOTAL return on enjoyment is to install the features that’ll help you get the spa experience every time.

Why travel miles to visit a pricey spa when you can have the experience in the comfort of your home? Continue reading to learn the top bathroom features that TRANSFORM a master bath into a spa.

1: Proper Use of Space

Decluttering your bathroom is the first step in transforming your master bath into a spa.

And by the way…that means more than throwing out or reorganizing. That also means looking at the layout of the space.

One of the most understated but IMPORTANT characteristics of a spa is that it’s spacious enough to give you room to move about and breathe freely…without feeling the pressure of others plastered nearby.

Here’s how to imitate that at home:

  • Look for ways to declutter your bathroom by reducing the number of things lying around that don’t have a dedicated, permanent storage space.
  • If you have a tub and a shower, ask yourself: do you use both? Do you have the space realistically for both?
  • If multiple people use the bathroom to get ready for the day at the same time, what needs to change about the space so people don’t have to duck one around the other? That’s where you start to consider more functional changes…

Did you see what color experts say about painting your bathroom?

Be sure to read about this EXCEPTIONAL change of space in a before/after bathroom remodel!!

2: Steam Shower

Installing a steam shower in your bathroom ranks among the top three things that can help your bathroom come alive as a space of total rest and wellness. Steam showers are as therapeutic as they are soothing. Your stress will roll out the vents with the aromatic steam of this luxury bath addition.

3: A shower with Special or Multiple Shower Heads

If spa is synonymous with comfort, then one of the bathroom features that gets you comfort (read: spa-like treatment) is a shower with special or multiple shower heads.

A shower with multiple shower heads provides you with steady water flow at exactly the height, pressure and distribution you desire. You have total control and versatility with the mount-free shower head, for instance…and the rainfall shower head is totally immersive and AMAZING after a long day.

4: Special and Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinetry augments that spa feeling. This is because everything in custom cabinets bathroom is designed for your convenience. A good way to achieve optimal use of space and the perfect storage is to work with a designer who listens to and explores your needs.

ALSO READ how to use plants indoors in interior design…including in the bathroom!!

An indispensable part of our own bathroom remodel process is to include special cabinet types that are specific to what each space needs to store. However, we often install special pull-out cabinet drawers for hair dryers and hair straighteners…with custom metal cups, plus outlets inside the drawers themselves, they’re perfect—even when the iron or dryer has just been used and hasn’t cooled down.

This drawer and other custom cabinetry also ensure that your bath space feels decluttered, giving you that spacious, luxurious spa feeling.

5: Scented Candles or a Diffuser

What’s a spa without the aromatic additions?! One of the reasons people spend good money visiting spas is that spas are designed TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL GOOD…and that includes all the senses!

Likewise, your bathroom isn’t just about the functionality. It’s about the experience.

Every detail in a spa is synced with other details…do you notice the continuity? Have you thought about aroma in your master bath as it relates to your selections and finishes?  

A personalized and carefully-selected take on scents makes your master bath more personal, appealing, and inviting.

A light dimmer is another aesthetic must. Dimmers help reduce the sharpness of your bath’s lighting, allowing you to REALLY sink into that relaxing look and feel…

See what list of clever gifts a diffuser makes it onto, too!

6: Fancy Towels with the BEST Towel Storage

Plain towels are by no means bad, especially if the color is perfect and the thickness and fluff are divine…however, if you want your master bath to feel like a spa, you don’t want to scrimp on towels or towel storage.

Take the extra step of getting the absolute best towels for your bath, including any personalization you think you’d like. A spa-like environment has a LOT to do with perception…and towels knock out both touch AND sight if done right. Touch the towels you see as selection options and pick the ones that really draw your breath in pure delight!!

You also need to invest in towel storage…and towel heaters for those cold snaps! Going for custom towel storage that fits into the aesthetic of your master bath AND accommodates your linen collection is the differentiator between a luxury bath and an “average” one. Custom towel storage will not only blend in with your design style, but keep your oh-so-soft towels where they make the most functional sense.

7: Get Some (Smart) Speakers in There!

A spa has speakers! What’s the current sound of your master bath? When you step in, do the walls echo with total numbness? That will affect your mood…and not in the way you’re going for.

Installing speakers in your bath can help you transform it into a spa-like experience. You add the music you find relaxing…and if it’s a smart speaker, then it can take commands from you, too.

  • “OK Google, play my bathing playlist.”
  • “Siri, dim the lights.”
  • “Alexa, turn up the thermostat three degrees.”


Maybe, with just a few of these changes, you’ll start spending even more time in the bathroom. If it boosts your quality of life, then it’s the best investment.

Transforming your master bath into a spa-like space starts with these features.

Contact us to float your own ideas past us, too…maybe we need to add your favorite spa features to the list!

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