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How to Tell If You Prioritize Look, Feel, or Function

How to Tell If You Prioritize Look, Feel, or Function

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful. Everyone wants the pleasure of showing their home off, too…especially when it’s done in a subtle way.

What that MEANS, though, is different person-to-person. Maybe you want to showcase your favorite colors, or your favorite trends, or your exquisite taste, or your personality

There are three overarching priorities that people have when it comes to the interior of their homes. You might look at them and say, “but I want all these things!” Being honest, though, we always sacrifice a little of one for another…

These are the top three interior design priorities that homeowners have, even though every selection will have a balance of the three:

  • The look of a space
  • The feel and comfort of a space
  • The functional value of a space

Maybe you think you know right away which priority is your #1. Or maybe you want to find out…either way, ask yourself the following questions, and what they reveal might be a real eye-opener!!


Interior Design Priorities: Questions to Ask Yourself

When making furniture selections, do you get most excited about:

  1. The look of something
  2. The feeling when you sink in
  3. Or easy maintenance and special features like cupholders, removable cushions, etc.


When you make paint and upholstery color choices, do you get most excited about:

  1. Making a statement
  2. Shaping your home environment for a specific “vibe”
  3. Or reflecting your lifestyle through your selections


When you look at flooring, do you get most excited about:

  1. Patterns and the visual impact of materials
  2. Softness, texture, and warmth underfoot
  3. Or easy maintenance and durability


Next, what about lighting? When you look at options, do you get most excited about:

  1. Unique and decorative lighting pieces that “wow” you
  2. Each fixture’s lighting distribution
  3. Or lighting designed for efficiency or specific tasks


When you see other decorative options that you’d love to place somewhere in your home, is it usually because they’re:

  1. Unique or highly styled?
  2. Elements that someone can interact with?
  3. Or practical items that serve two (or more) purposes?


The kitchen holds some of the most important selections in your home. When you shop for your kitchen, do you get most excited about:

  1. High-end appliances with the look that takes your breath away
  2. The kitchen’s overall layout and the compatibility of selections
  3. Or easy maintenance, energy efficiency, and lasting materials


What it all means…

If you selected #1 most often, your priority is the look of your space. This does NOT mean you don’t care about feel and function!! It just means that you have a LOT to express in your personality, and you have a knack for instantly recognizing the furniture, fixtures, and finishes that help you “say” it…

If you selected #2 most often, your priority is the feel of your space. This refers to the aesthetic “feel” and the physical touch of your selections. Maybe you’re a sucker for those plush throw blankets and the couches you totally sink into…or you really, truly prefer your space to give you a visually comforting sensation. These are both good things!! Know what your priority is and go with it.

If you selected #3 most often, your priority is the function of your space. This often refers to practical dual-use items, easy-care selections, and overall durability. Sometimes, this priority comes with an overall desire to make wise investments. (For those of you who are more into look and feel, remember that your return on enjoyment is JUST as important as your return on investment!!)

This tells you something about your interior design priorities…but what about overall renovation priorities? Do you know what yours are?!…

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