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A Study of Laundry Rooms

A Study of Laundry Rooms

Every space of the home has transformed over the course of history. The kitchen we know today is a MAJOR departure from the wood-burning stoves that doubled as living room heat…indoor plumbing gave way to a new space called the “bathroom…” And a laundry room? What’s that?!

Take a moment to relish the setup of your modern home. Even if you’re in a house that’s older than you are, the many environments inside give you space to cook, unwind, spend time with family, workout, go to the “office,” and maybe even see movies in your own private cinema.

Your home is what you make it. And this does not just refer to the sense of home being where the heart is. Of course that’s true! In a very real and structural, functional sense, though, homes today are renovated for PRECISELY the lifestyles we want to live.

Have you ever thought about your laundry room? …Now that you are, does it align with your lifestyle? Is it a hub of efficiency or a chaotic corner that lacks purpose?!

Delve into these laundry room possibilities where function meets elegance…your laundry room can be more than a “throw-away” space in your house. Consider these transformative tips to tailor your laundry room in amazing ways.


The Modern Laundry Room: Design Elements to Consider

Renovating a laundry room gives you exciting new opportunities to create a more functional and practical space. This is truer today than ever before.

Consider each of the following points an excellent starting point for a fun conversation with your designer. You’ll definitely impress coming equipped with these ideas…


Assess space and layout…

  • Analyze your workflow…what’s your laundry routine? Do you fold in the laundry room? How often do you iron? What else do you store there? Identify what DOESN’T work in your space right now, or what you wish you could do differently.
  • Location of appliances…are your washer, dryer, and utility sink in the right spaces for a seamless workflow?
  • Space efficiency…do you maximize the use of available space with cabinetry that’s personalized? Is any of your cabinetry wall-mounted?


Custom cabinetry and storage…

  • Custom cabinets…custom cabinetry can fit the room’s dimensions perfectly to maximize space and provide the precise features that you’ll benefit most from. Do you current cabinets maximize space and utility this way?
  • Built-in hampers…among your custom cabinet features, could you consider pull-out hampers to store or sort laundry?
  • Adjustable shelving…this is just one other feature that custom cabinetry can provide in your laundry room. Do you wish you could adjust a shelf in your laundry room now?!
  • Drying racks…do you have items that need to be air dried? Most of us do…make caring for them easier by including a retractable drying rack in your custom cabinetry!


Washer and dryer selection…

  • Energy efficiency…choose energy-efficient appliances now, and your future self will thank you. If you plan on aging in place, this is a BIG consideration for the long-term!!
  • ..how often do you wash laundry, and how big are the loads you wash? Think about the whole household.
  • ..stackable options are almost always the best way to save space in the laundry room, but if you have lots of space, top-load appliances might be your preference. Ask yourself now and go into your renovation equipped with the answer.
  • Smart features…appliances with smart technology include remote monitoring and controls. This is another BIG part of a lasting renovation if you plan on staying in your home for years…


Flooring and countertop surfaces…

  • ..remember, floors must be water-resistant and easy-to-clean in the laundry room.
  • ..if you don’t have counter space in your laundry room now, talk to your designer about where you can add a hard surface…this will be a lasting feature that makes ALL the difference when sorting, folding, and storing things in your laundry room.



A laundry room is more efficient and FAR more pleasant to do chores in once you have sufficient task lighting over the spaces you use to work.



The ventilation layout must be designed by a professional to ensure the right flow of air in your laundry room. This is what protects your household from mold and mildew growth.


The ergonomics of the laundry room…

Final questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is everything at an accessible height? Work to design your cabinets, countertops, and appliances at comfortable heights for YOUR household. If everyone’s tall, for example, go for the taller counters!!
  • Do you iron often? If you have lots of items that require ironing, keep your ironing board easy-to-access while still discrete. Pull-out ironing boards within your custom cabinets are the pinnacle of convenience and comfort!!
  • Do you have a utility sink? A deep utility sink allows you to do chores beyond laundry, like deep cleaning.
  • Do you store other cleaning supplies? The laundry room is the PERFET space to store other cleaning products, too.
  • Do you have pets? The laundry room is also a perfect space to build in a pet washing station or pet-related storage…the floor is already waterproof, after all!


Come to your laundry room design consultation with the above questions and answers in mind. Based on your unique needs and habits, your laundry room can transform your day-to-day life.

Bask in efficiency and convenience, designed just for you…

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