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5 Hyper-Local Magazines for Design Inspiration

5 Hyper-Local Magazines for Design Inspiration

Magazines—both print and digital—are an excellent source of inspiration. They help you choose your window treatments and the “best local chai,” or give you recipes for the holidays or tips to “get over him.”

There’s a magazine for everything and everyone.

Inspiration for the home is especially popular in magazines because a magazine is SO visual. Who doesn’t like flipping through a periodical filled with beautiful homes and breathtaking selections?!

The colors

The furniture

The creativity in EVERY space…

Whether you’re thinking of redesigning your own home interior or just want to browse some beautiful stuff, magazines are both nostalgic and practical. Pinterest and other inspiration boards online are fine, but the editorializing about key design decisions that you get in a magazine make it worth flipping through to learn about.  

For the hyper-local design magazines that show you homes nearby (with similar design features, architecture and seasonal needs), just check out this list…


5 Local Publications to Check Out for Inspiration

  1. Living Magazine
  2. Luxe Interiors + Design
  3. D Home
  4. Southlake Style
  5. Signature Home Style


Living Magazine

Living Magazine is one of the best hyper-local lifestyle magazines in Texas, and its Keller edition has some amazing local finds!! The company covers North and South Texas, but when you pick up the Keller print, it feels as personalized as you can get…

One of the best things about Living Magazine is that it has localized versions of its magazine for every city it’s distributed to. Living Magazine is TRULY a reader-centric publication that values the loyalty and input of its readers…

That’s how we won the Reader’s Choice awards for BEST Interior Designer, Best Handyman and Best Remodeler in 2022…it was all from reader votes!!


Luxe Interiors + Design

Luxe Interiors + Design is a network of regional magazines that offer design-related stories, features, and photography. Topics they cover include architecture + design, design resources and ultimate kitchens, among others.

The magazine is even more popular for its Luxe RED Awards, which give awards to designers in different categories:

  • Best Use of Color
  • Readers’ Choice Awards
  • Bathroom
  • Exterior Architecture
  • And others

Luxe Interiors + Design subscriptions are available for both print publications and digital publications. Their digital publications are free to access on their iOS apps. Luxe magazines are also routinely stacked in stores for you to simply pick up.

What’s more? The Luxesource.com website is an amazing platform for lots of free-to-access information on design.


D Home

D Home is one of the four magazines published by D Magazine, a Dallas-based lifestyle publishing brand. D Home dates back to 1974 and is published once every two months. There is also the D Home Design Book 2022.

D Home is a refreshing, local, and niched-down magazine that can supply an unending dose of design inspiration…especially for locality-themed designs. You can choose to subscribe to D Home or to get a subsidized subscription to all four magazines under the brand.


Southlake Style Magazine

Southlake Style Magazine is part of Southlake Style, a lifestyle publishing house in Southlake (go figure). Southlake Style publishes exciting d design-related stories, among other things.

One especially attractive quality about Southlake Style is that they have an excellent system of breaking content down by style, making it easy for readers to browse their website and gain access to the right information in less time.

Southlake Style Magazine is a free, digital-only magazine that blends every aspect of the Southlake lifestyle, including…home and design, fashion, health and more. You can access past issues of the Southlake Style Magazine through their official Issuu page. You can also follow them to get notifications of future issues…


Signature Home Style

Speaking of digital magazines, there’s also our own e-magazine, Signature Home Style!!

We show portfolio work for inspiration, and also write articles on trend and design tips to make your project deliver more than just a return on investment.

Write our operations staff to ask for any previous copies…

These days, you can view design inspirations as glossy pictures, videos, 3D renderings or even virtual tours. Still, magazines own their place among the most-beloved means of browsing through design inspiration.

Curious to know why you the designs you love?! Take our Interior Design Style Quiz to find out!

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