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Your Must-Have List For June Buys!

Your Must-Have List For June Buys!

Even if summer doesn’t technically start until the end of June, as soon as that sunshine sparkles through your windows and May comes to an end, you feel the charm of summer…And even if your shopping list is filled with toys and trips to pass these sunny months on adventures, there are fabulous buys for your home that are JUST as hot this June as the asphalt!!

Check out our list below and be sure to join the conversation on Facebook if you have sales you’ve seen go crazy this month!!

A day for dads…

June and the start of summer also mean Father’s Day, and many “man-cave” buys will be on sale. Interestingly enough…a father of the ‘50s would have been out of luck in today’s market, because more traditional gifts like tools aren’t as commonly discounted in June as they used to be. And as though Dad’s Day shopping weren’t hard enough, there’s a lot less advertisement around Father’s Day than Mom’s Day, too. So…for Dad, you have to get a little more creative!

Let’s ask ourselves, what does the 21st-century dad want?? Sales this month seem to suggest that electronics are the name of the game…

  1. Tweens might be glued to their smart phones, but dads still see the practicality in a laptop. Sales in June knock these computers down as much as 40%, so for the dad in need, think about pooling on a gift that will be fun AND practical!

And if you aren’t shopping for Father’s Day but personally need a new laptop, June is a month to do it! With back-to-school just around the corner (yes, that soon), retailers have learned to start moving these items this month.

  1. Another Father’s Day-inspired sale (though you don’t have to be shopping for Dad to cash in on this one) knocks the prices on TVs!! Whether you’re adorning the man-cave or updating your family room, June is the time to get that new flat-screen installed for summer baseball and favorite sitcoms.

Already given up on your beach body?

Even if summer’s quick arrival has you thinking, “well, that 2018 swimsuit goal is totally doomed for next year…” don’t cut yourself short yet! Because…

  1. Another perk to June are MAJOR discounts on gym memberships. Sure, there’s the resolution rush at the start of the year, but with outdoorsy weather June ends up being TOUGH for gyms…and so they sport the sales to try to offset that dip in business!

And if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for Dad AND he’s been talking about hitting the weights or changing things up, maybe gifting him this membership is exactly what will hit the spot!

Already married? You can still benefit from gift registries…

June also marks the BIGGEST upswing in wedding season. Couples take advantage of May weekends here and there, but by the time June rolls around, it’s an every-weekend thing. Whether you’re part of the bridal party or just along for the ride, wedding-related sale items can be good news for homeowners everywhere—no matter their marital status!

  1. Dishes are a BIG sale item in June, and you can thank the brides and bridegrooms. Retailers know that these are popular items for gift registries, so if you’ve been needing updated dishware or crockery, now’s the time to shop!

For anyone who’s been toying with the idea of a dining room remodel but just can’t make the jump, fresh tableware is a great way to “pretty-up” your look without knocking down walls. That plus a fresh coat of paint, and you’ll be in GREAT shape to entertain this summer!!

  1. Cookware is big thanks to June gift registries, too, so if you’re thinking about buying something you’ve always coveted to cook with in your kitchen, now is the time to do it.

And once you HAVE all that cookware…

Lastly, don’t forget, each season brings with it its seasonal produce…summertime has some of our FAVORITES, so please share your best summer recipes with us!!

  1. Cantaloupe, bell peppers, cherries, and other summer produce is here to rock the summer boat! Don’t miss out on your once-a-year opportunity to buy these at their best…Especially if you’ve recently updated your table or cookware, you can inaugurate your new set with a favorite or a newfound recipe!

Summer is our FAVORITE season at Signature Home Services! At least…some of us in the office feel that way. The point is, summer’s here, and whatever your priorities or budget this June, there’s a deal for you! Start by thinking about Dad or about a bride-to-be, and finish with a delicious dish in your newly-refurbished kitchen or dining room.

Not convinced? Summer also has other sales for stuff outside of the home, like free fishing licenses and discounted bicycles, water sports gear or even tropical vacation packages. Have anything else you’ve seen on sale this month? Talk to us on Facebook!

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