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Your Month: Your Kitchen, Your Bathroom!

Your Month: Your Kitchen, Your Bathroom!

It’s the 40th annual National Kitchen & Bath Month!

October is also called “remodeling month” by many organizations. Why? About 24 million bathrooms or kitchens were remodeled in the U.S. last year. So…“remodel” is essentially synonymous with a kitchen or bathroom renovation for MOST of the families who remodeled in 2022.

About 10% of American households remodel their kitchen or bath EACH YEAR.

This makes sense, when you think about it…these spaces get so much use every day that wear and tear will happen at a MUCH faster rate than other rooms.

Besides, these are spaces that must be as functional as they are beautiful. It’s not just about slapping a new coat of paint on the walls, or buying a new sectional. It’s easy to redo a bedroom or living room when you compare it to a kitchen or bath!


Ask yourself…

What are the FIRST words that come to mind when you think of your kitchen?

…How about your bathroom?

…And finally, how do those words compare to the words you would use to describe your DREAM kitchen or bathroom?!

Write each list out, and I guarantee there will be PLENTY of areas where your kitchen and bathroom are currently lacking. This is normal. For some households, it’s just once in a lifetime that they do a total overhaul to their kitchen or bath to create the 100% perfect-for-them space.

If you’re dreaming about that perfect space…keep scrolling. We have some inspiration for you!


The cost of a kitchen or bath remodel

This is the first question many ask us when they call the office. The answer is, there IS no answer until you make selections.

If you want that Sub Zero fridge, for instance, or herringbone tile from counter to ceiling (like in the new project below), then your kitchen remodel will have a very different budget than one with a Frigidaire unit and plain-cut square tile.

STILL, there are some ballpark figures that give you a better idea of what to plan for…(the full report from Remodel Magazine of 2022’s “cost vs. value,” with prices averaged from homes in the DFW area, can be found here).


What are some easy updates you can do NOW?

Between product lead times, material logistic delays, and the budget needed for a bath or kitchen renovation, it’s unlikely you’ll be working on these spaces this month!!

There ARE, however, many smaller changes you can make for a BIG impact on the “look” of your kitchen or bath…

Here are 3 ways to “switch up” your kitchen

Here are 7 ways to make your home just a little more “glamourous…”

And here are some of our FAVORITE new selections in cabinet hardware


Bath or kitchen inspiration, anyone?

If you’re really ready to dream about a look AND lifestyle improvement in your home this National Kitchen & Bath Month, here are some galleries to get you started…

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