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You’ll Want To Know About This Architectural Trend…

You’ll Want To Know About This Architectural Trend…


No, we’re not talking about biker shorts or plaid coming back—AGAIN—but about a new, emerging trend popping up in hom

es across America.

After analyzing the market, we have noticed a giant trend of additional living areas being built into new homes.

But…what started this trend? Let’s take a look. When you find your absolute perfect dream home—perfect wall color, high ceilings, gorgeous backyard with lush landscape, and a long list of et ceteras—it might leave you wanting more of what you love. Just a tad more space!

But, what do you do?

You absolutely don’t pass up the home of a lifetime. You’re not a sucker. Instead, you customize it to fit your needs. There’s no need to go house hunting all over again!

Whatever your home life requires (or whatever you know will give you a higher emotional return), there’s an addition that is sure to meet your every desire. Signature Home Services wants you to make the most informed decision when it comes to remodeling your home, so we’ve dissected exactly what this trend is…and what it means for you.

What kind of living spaces are we talking, exactly?

Living space additions take on many different forms. Boiled down, they are a room or even a set of rooms used as an extra living space. This includes finished rooms over the garage, mother-

in-law suites…you name it. One popular form that’s been on trend recently is an addition that can account for multigenerational living.

Have you or a family member ever considered a parent or adult child moving in? This is a very real phenomenon that has taken the market by storm. These extra living spaces are built onto your property to accompany your main residence. And these additions have gained SO MUCH popularity they’ve inspired their own communities and TV shows!

What categorizes any living space is that it has its own entrance, kitchen and bathroom. And you can build one onto just about any part of your property.

Why should I consider one?

Lifestyles are changing! Family units today are transitioning from a more traditional home style to a new need for more functional space. Just imagine…you found your dream home and intend to live in it for the foreseeable future, but then life happens.

For example…

In-laws unfortunately fall ill, or close friends or family are down on their luck. Maybe you have older kids who aren’t in the best position to live on their own just yet. Maybe you just want to able to live closer to your family but don’t actually want to share every space. Homes aren’t built to change with the times—so build onto them!

Consider the benefits of having a mother-in-law suite for your parents (or kids) to move into…You get the advantage of knowing where your loved ones are (and that they have you to lean on) without feeling like an intrusion of privacy has just usurped life as you know it.

Or how about this one…do you work from home or otherwise need an office space with complete peace and quiet? It’s hard to do that with children and dogs and DISTRACTIONS in your home. An addition is the perfect home getaway that can be used for your own private space…bathroom included!

If it comes down to money, you can even rent an addition out! This is a popular option with full living spaces or above-garage set-ups detached from the main home. Do you live in an up-and-coming area or close to a large city? You’re sitting on a possible gold mine!! These are perfect opportunities to rent out your space to earn some extra income. And in today’s world, EVERYONE needs a side hustle.

A few logistical details…

Sometimes, it feels like you have to jump through hoops even to get permission to install a pool or the like—trust us, we know. But, as additions popularity is on the rise, most states today are actually relaxing their zoning laws.

…This means prices will start to decrease, but this still is no a small investment. And that’s why it’s VERY IMPORTANT to use a trusted and local company that will get you the most bang for your buck…while also knowing exactly what they are doing.

The end result is an investment that leads to a SIGNIFICANT rise in your property value. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Questions? We’d love to give you the answers! Make sure to visit our Facebook page or give us a call. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more architectural trends, so be sure to check back on our blog for more!

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