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Window Technology – Yes, This Is A Thing

Window Technology – Yes, This Is A Thing

Welcome to 2018, where you can feed your pup from work with just a swipe of a phone screen and your Samsung refrigerator can add milk to your mobile shopping list (or order it for you when SOMEONE drank it all and put the empty carton back).

Without a doubt, it’s an electrifying time to re-imagine your home design with technology finding ways to improve ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it can sink its code into! And now, it’s set its eyes on window treatments, and we could not be more excited!

We’ll let you in on a little secret…the first curtains in the world were actually used in doorways to provide privacy and keep rooms warm. They adopted a decorative element during the Renaissance times, but the more sheer curtains that we normally imagine with window treatments didn’t pop up until the 18th century.

An update in functionality was LONG overdue!

Thanks to improved technology, window treatment options today, like those through Graber, are more practical than ever. For one, you can raise and lower your shades with your smartphone. Yup—there’s even an app for that now.

Interior designers and homeowners alike are forced to rethink their game plan on which treatments to select today, and why. How is the room being used? What issues arise when you walk into the room? Is there too much or not enough light? How is the temperature in the room throughout the day? Does the space require more privacy?

But there’s no need to fret or feel overwhelmed…life is complicated enough! But your window treatment tech doesn’t have to be. Working with an experienced home design team like Signature Home Services guarantees that all of your options will be explored. In other words, your new window treatments will be an absolutely perfect fitfor the windows and for you.

Types of window treatments…and where they’ll impact your life

For the most part, window treatment types can be categorized as blinds, shades, shutters, or drapes. When thinking about curtains or blinds, people normally imagine either a neutral, basic fabric drape, or white plastic vertical or horizontal blinds. But modern window treatments come in a HUGE array of materials that add value to your home, are environmentally friendly, and even save you some money—all while looking luxurious.

Interior design

Wood blinds, for example, are a GORGEOUS addition to rooms that need a little warming up. Companies like Graber make sure that their quality wood blinds are both STUNNING and sustainable by using recycled materials and water-based finishes. If these are slightly out of your budget, faux wood blinds are another AMAZING choice. They provide energy efficiency for your home climate, and even protection for your fabrics and finishes from the sun. This material is absolutely PERFECT for kitchens or bathrooms because they are both fire and moisture resistant.

ALSO in the environmentally friendly category, we have natural materials like bamboo, woven jute or hemp, and even cotton. Bamboo is a strong material that reflects light differently than wood or plastic blinds, brightening up your space. These look lovely in spaces like the living room or foyer where all the action takes place. And woven materials such as jute, hemp and cotton are PERFECT for UV protection while being lightweight for easy installation.

When you take a look at any modern or trendy interior design site, have you ever felt like something was missing? Trust us—it’s usually the window treatments.

Today’s style calls for minimalism and simplicity. But, honestly, until recently window treatments didn’t offer much in those realms. But you can’t just live your life without curtains! That’s WAY too much sun at six in the morning on a Saturday!

Where tech comes in, everything has changed with cordless lifts. Especially with today’s design trends, people want clean lines with easy-to-use functions, and cordless lifts answered

Interior design

the call!

And, wouldn’t you know it, we can even get you a free cordless lift from Graber right now with a purchase of their shades (good through the start of November).

These groundbreaking designs are easily operated at the touch of a finger. More importantly, they come in ALL sizes and materials. And just like the name suggests, there are no outlying cords whatsoever. This means there is nothing to obstruct your view and no hassle of trying to get the shades open or closed leveled properly. And if you have children or small pets, this is a must have. No cords means no dangers of your loved ones choking on the small end bits or getting hurt with the cords themselves.

When choosing a company to purchase your window treatments from, be sure that they’re utilizing ALL the new tech with the highest quality of materials. Companies like Graber provide multiple online tools to help you with EVERYTHING from color swatches to a walk-through of which window treatments you’ll need.

What about the smart window tech?


We couldn’t talk about tech without mentioning the new smartphone technology for your blinds! Of course, adding a motor to blinds is not new. Many homes have these set on timers or have a remote strictly for window use. Buthow many times have you lost a remote before?

There are now self-installed motor kits available for retail sale that allow you to control your blinds from your SMARTPHONES. They’re extremely helpful when you’re all cozy and comfy on the couch when the glare on your television obscures your view of your Netflix binge, or when you need to open the blinds to wake up in the morning but can’t pull yourself out of bed just yet.

Technology will always find ways to continually improve different aspects of our lives. It might seem a little confusing at first when combined with a new array of window materials and design trends. So, that’s why it’s important to work with a company that knows its stuff. Drop us a message or call today to learn more about how Signature Home Services can help shed some light on your window treatment questions!

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