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Which of These Is Stopping You from a Remodel?

Which of These Is Stopping You from a Remodel?

How hard can it REALLY be to get a project done that you’re genuinely excited to do?!

Well…if it involves thousands of dollars, weeks of planning and work, and an overall disruption to your day-to-day, it can be extraordinarily hard.

There are LOADS of reasons that we hear from homeowners to “explain away” why they aren’t doing the remodels they really want to. And these reasons are usually understandable…But, at the same time, they’re often based on a misunderstanding of how the remodeling process really goes. Sometimes, these homeowners even think “out loud” about one thing (like “it’s expensive,” or “I don’t have the time,”) when, deep down, they want something else that they don’t realize yet that they CAN HAVE.

Getting crystal clear about your priorities is JUST as important as getting educated about your remodeling options. Because, if any one of these things below are “stopping you” from your remodel, you could be missing out on extraordinary value—for when you sell your home, and for every day that you continue to live in it!!


1: Money

Like all home projects, remodeling any part of your home requires some hard-earned cash. And there are SO many “vying expenditures” in your world that getting the budget together for a remodel can be daunting.

Oh, did we mention that a properly-planned remodel also requires a 15% contingency for the unexpected?

Now that we’re talking money, the simple act of putting a budget together makes pooling those assets that much more feasible.

You have to know how much you’re saving for, after all!

If you’re not sure how much your remodel project could cost, getting an initial consultation from a contractor you trust will turn the money question into real terms, not some “unknown” that keeps you from doing the remodel you really want.

ALSO, do not forget about the value your remodel will BRING you, too! There will always be a return on investment, and if you’re planning on selling your home within the next five years, this number will help you feel much more comfortable with that remodeling budget than you thought…

Check out our infographic of the Renovations with the Best Return to get an idea how much specific remodels pay out!!


2: Change…is too hard

Change is hard for most of us, and when it comes to your home, it takes a HUGE leap of confidence to disturb your daily routines.

What you have to remember, however, is that your remodel will make your home that much more comfortable and functional for YOUR lifestyle, likes and needs as soon as it’s done.

Think—would you really need to “work” that hard “adapting” to the habit of eating a doughnut a day?

Me, neither.

Think of your remodel as that pie-in-the-sky (or doughnut-every-morning) dream. You have every reason to not only want but WELCOME that change. And you will be so thankful you did!

If you’re still worried about the “newness” and the changes inherent to the period of the remodel itself, read my article on 5 must-know tips for a smooth remodel, and you won’t have to worry anymore…


3: “Why fix what’s not broke?”

This is a limerick we hear SO often, and I’m always surprised!!

That is true, a remodel doesn’t always fix things that are “broken…”

But if your home is functionally or aesthetically not working for you, doesn’t that count as “broke?!”

Besides…you surely have other priorities over “fixing what’s broke,” don’t you? How about your family’s health? How about your daily comfort? How about your return on enjoyment?

And if you need an added incentive…I’ve seen it before where one couple updated ONLY what was conventionally “broken,” and when they sold that home, it got $200K LESS than the other houses for sale on that street! Keeping your house updated is the name of the game, NOT waiting until things break down.


4: Don’t know they could have it better

This one makes me particularly sad. There have been occasions where homeowners we spoke to didn’t know they could have it better. They didn’t realize how many aesthetic choices they had that truly spoke to their hearts…or how many options there were to age in place after an injury…or that they could invest in their homes for something other than the “superficial.”

For example, don’t you think you deserve to be as HEALTHY in your home as possible?

I do, too! In fact, recently I wrote about remodels to consider for health and wellness


5: Don’t know what to expect

There is also a certain intimidating side of a remodel if you aren’t sure what to expect. Even after you have the “budget thing” figured out, how many people will be in your home during the remodel? How long will it take? What will be possible, and not possible? What will be a good idea, and a bad idea?

Furthermore, there are those questions we don’t even think to ask, but should. Read my list of 10 things to know BEFORE you remodel, and I guarantee you’ll feel more prepared!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a process that’s still “mysterious” to you. That’s why we shared our full remodeling process as a point of reference. Take a look, and you’ll feel MUCH more ready for your own remodel!!


6: The time it takes

The TIME it takes to complete a remodel is a huge deterrent for many families.

If you’re looking at an 8-10-week kitchen remodel, for example, that would be ROUGH for anyone at home with a baby, don’t you think?

That said, there are workarounds. Maybe the fridge will be in the living room for two weeks…maybe you live in a hotel for six days…talk to your contractor, and you’ll be VERY surprised how quickly the project can be done, and how many solutions there are for the specific days you’ll be without access to certain spaces.

Yes, the time commitment for a remodel can be a big factor. But when you remember the payoff, not to mention the fact that this IS only a temporary interruption, you can reaffirm your priorities for the long-term! The right contractor will also give you a detailed schedule where you’ll see the specific days where certain areas or systems will be inaccessible.


7: Don’t know how to start

Not knowing where to start…is understandable! First, there’s the inspiration overload. How many Pinterest boards do you have now? Magazine clippings? …Ideas in general?!

And then, for the technical stuff, it doesn’t matter HOW many YouTube videos you watch…you end up wanting to talk to the expert who can put it all in plain English (so you can really start to put your remodel dream into a PLAN)!

This is where you talk to a trusted remodeling contractor to get those wonderfully-specific terms. None of the reasons I’ve outlined here have to stop you from that remodel you WANT. You deserve to be as comfortable, healthy and happy in your home as possible, and that next big project will play a part!!

Questions? Get in touch with us today! Or use our Remodeling Planner to start working out the details of that project you no longer want to procrastinate!!

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