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What first impression does your home give?

What first impression does your home give?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Andrew Grant


In design, remodeling and even home maintenance, the front door is often overlooked and almost always under-appreciated. It’s the front entrance to your home, however, that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Your entryway is the “first impression” of everything your home has inside.

What do your guests think and feel as they walk through your front door? Does that match what you WANT them to think and feel when they walk through?

For that matter, how do you and your family feel when you come in after a long day?

Whether you have a GREAT foyer behind enormous windows, a small and narrow hallway behind a door original to an older home…a big yard or a small one…you can achieve the look and feel you want.

Giving your home’s entrance (the external part OR the area immediately inside) a makeover is like taking your home’s aura to the spa for a facial. You wash the crud off the surface and freshen up to keep your home healthy and to create the most attractive first impression you can.


Here’s what to do for the exterior entryway…

As far as first impressions go, this is the ABSOLUTE first thing someone is going to take in: your yard, your porch, and everything leading up to and including the front door.

To give the best impression right off the bat, these simple home maintenance tips can have a HUGE impact on the first impression your entryway delivers.


Painting and cleaning

For one, now that spring is FINALLY on its way, this is the best time of year to think about repainting your home’s exterior. Before it gets too hot for painters, these mid-temperature weeks through March and April are ideal. Plus, by doing this project now, you’ll beat the rush of homeowners who only think to do it come summer…

PRO TIP: Before you even play with the idea of exterior paint, it’s important to start with a power-wash of your home. You will be AMAZED how much brighter your home exterior will look when this done! And now that we’re past the last freeze, this is the ideal time to do it…


The door itself

Changing out the door hardware on your front entry is an AMAZINGLY simple, but hugely impactful update that can help you not only refresh but restyle the first impression your entryway gives.

TREND: If you are looking at getting a new door altogether, the trend is that doors are becoming larger. Some homes even have floor-to-ceiling doors in their main entryway. Double doors can also add a BIG style statement to the front of your home, but most entryways are limited in width, so taller doors have been the stronger trend.



Having a well-lit yard and front entrance not only helps visitors get safely to the door, it also adds warmer first impressions. Be sure you have exterior lighting installed and that it’s in good working order (not to mention clean of debris, dead bugs, etc.).

For light inside your entryway, adding featured windows to your home’s front can bring in beautiful natural light to everyone’s delight! Windows also make for more impressive front entrances.

TREND: Many homeowners are using sidelights, transoms, and other custom window fixtures around their doorways to add a bigger architectural impact. Even if you prefer privacy, you can opt for privacy glass in these windows.


Yard work

As a final note…it has to be said, pruning and having a nice setup around the door and in the yard is a MUST.

Consider a pot of bright flowers outside the door—this doesn’t have to be a big spend, but all the same it can SIGNIFICANTLY warm up the entryway.



Inside the front door

I think we can all agree that the entryway to your home is important. The next question is…what particular look and feel do you want your home to give off as soon as someone walks IN through the entryway?

This is a question of style…and this list I’m about to give you is NOT exhaustive! But it gives you some fun things to think about…


Style 1: Simple

Simple designs inside your entryway can create one of many different “feels.” A chandelier adds elegance. Neutral colors add grace. An all-white space with a pop of color sets the feeling of minimalism. Keeping it simple can hinge on a VERY short list of easy design decisions.


Style 2: Bold

To favor a bolder look, play with colors and patterns. Be sure to reach out for design help if you want to experiment a little with this!!


Style 3: Rustic

Exposed wood beams, hardwood floors and a calming dark ceiling add a rustic feel to a space. The more windows in a rustic space, the better, as they tend to get dark—and the great, big window panes actually help enhance the rustic look.


Style 4: Timeless

For a timeless look, features like black and white flooring, neutral wall colors, and rich stains on wood banisters or trim help solidify the traditional sense of class in a beautiful entryway.


Does your entryway need more pizazz? Is it looking tired or dated? You only have ONE chance to make a first impression…and when it comes to your entryway, you have SO much more control than you might have thought!

Which of these tips is most useful to you? We want to know!! Start a conversation with us on Facebook!

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