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What Color Experts Say About Painting Your Bathroom

What Color Experts Say About Painting Your Bathroom

Do you know how much time we spend, on average, in the bathroom each day?

From brushing your teeth to bathing to “putting on your face” for the day, we spend on average between 30 and 60 minutes in the bathroom every day of the year.

For those of us working from home (or who don’t go to an office for any other reason), those minutes are almost all spent in the master bath…

That’s 182-394 hours a YEAR in what you’ll agree is one of the most functionally and aesthetically important rooms of your home.

The bathroom is also the room we start AND end each day in…making it an impactful space for how we feel and how we live our lives.

THAT’S why it matters what colors your bathroom walls present! Colors have a way of passing on different meanings and moods. They also have the power to make spaces feel larger or smaller, more relaxing or even eclectic.

Are you ready to make such an important decision?! Here’s how to choose the right colors for your master bath…


What to Consider When Picking Colors for Your Bathroom

There are several factors to consider when picking your bathroom colors. But remember: whatever the color experts say, the final decision will be what feels right to you, because it is YOUR bathroom.

EXPERT TIP: That said…don’t brush your color expert’s comments off. Take professional advice into serious consideration, because your color expert might know just how much a color will grate on you in the future even if you think you love it now. Weigh all the information before making your call!

What else should you consider before picking your bathroom colors? Keep reading to find out!

keller bathroom remodelBathroom Particulars

While each master bath will have its own particulars, there are some trends common to bathrooms that make them different than other rooms you want to paint in the home.

For instance, generally, bathrooms are dimly lit. Of course, you install lighting to for safety, beauty and function! However, bathrooms normally have less natural light than other spaces because they have fewer windows (sometimes, none).

Therefore, you want to consider colors that help light bounce around the room.

This is not necessarily about picking the brightest colors, either…it’s about thinking of what color combinations, paint types and finishes best suit each surface in your bathroom from your walls to your cabinets.

To get started, it helps to have a color expert or design professional see your bathroom and take note of how the lighting plan is structured. Perhaps you’re due for some lighting updates with your new color, too.

EXPERT TIP: If you DO update your bathroom lighting, be sure to test paint colors under the right warmth and volume of light to REALLY know what it will look like later…just imagine, if you get all your test strips painted on the wall in the old lighting, your selection could look TOTALLY different under the new lighting!!

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Your Comfort and Satisfaction

This is another non-negotiable: you need to feel completely comfortable between your bathroom walls!!

Start by brainstorming, what colors appeal to you? What colors naturally calm you? Which make you feel happy or energized?

These are some feelings you want to experience every day, don’t you think? So why wouldn’t you favor colors that promote those feelings?!

You also want to consider anything you disliked about your previous bathroom colors. What did the previous color make you feel? Does the old color make you feel luxurious, relaxed, comfortable and taken care of (or none of the above)?

Timeless Selections

Many people go for what’s trending, ESPECIALLY when selecting colors. Yes…picking trending colors can say LOUD and clear to visitors that you’re “in the know…” You can surprise people with fresh looks, but then what happens a few years after the fact?

For a place as intimate as your bathroom, you want to consider timeless selections before trendiness. What colors could you paint your bathroom today that won’t give away the year your bathroom was redone?!

Check out these three timeless colors, and ask yourself which would be best for your master bathroom


What Effects Does Color Choice Have on Your Bathroom?

Your color choice could influence perception of a number of things in your bathroom…here’s what to consider.

Bathroom Size

Lighter colors are homeowners’ top choice when painting their bathrooms, and there’s reason why:

Lighter colors tend to make your bathroom appear bigger.

This is not to say that bathrooms HAVE to be painted in lighter colors. Bathrooms just tend to be rooms with a smaller footprint, meaning some extra “perceived size” can help you relax even more.

Really, who wants to be cramped in such an intimate space?

Bathroom Ambiance

The ambiance of your bathroom largely depends on the colors you put on the walls. Lighter colors help evoke happy, high-energy moods.

On the other hand, many homeowners go for darker colors to make a bold statement or to create an intensely intimate feeling with their bathroom design.

Neutral colors also serve as a good emotional escape. They also help your bathroom reflect more natural light and give you the flexibility to subtly or totally overhaul your bathroom design without having to repaint the walls! Just switch out the towels and other accessories, and voila!


Picking the Right Bathroom Paint Type

Compared with other rooms in the home, your bathroom walls are prone to more contact (think hands, towels, and the associated dirt and grease) AND moisture (obviously). You know your paint selection has to last.

Favor a semi-gloss, satin or glossy finish for bathroom paint. Learn more about paint types if you’re unsure…

All selected paints must be highly water and heat resistant. After all, you don’t want your walls peeling off months after painting! It’s SO important to prime your walls before applying paints, too. Most paints that have a primer included won’t cut it in a bathroom, so plan on priming properly or get help from a professional.

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More strategy goes into selecting your paint and colors for a bathroom than you probably thought. But oh, do it right and you’ll secure a colossal return on enjoyment.

Thinking of painting your master bath? Get color inspirations from our latest Signature Style Magazine!!

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