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Upgrade Tricks for Windows…With or Without Buying New

Upgrade Tricks for Windows…With or Without Buying New

Did you know that your flooring makes up the largest surface in your home? And yet, we walk over it without a second thought.

Windows, on the other hand, are an element we interact with all the time. We open our windows to let the air in…we cover them with elaborate drapes or blinds to show off our style…and we elect the treatments that control light’s entry, using windows as our light source for half the day, while we shut the world out for the other half.

Windows create flow, guide furniture staging, and keep your space beautiful. Do your current window coverings enhance all that? Are they boring? Scruffy? Or are they simply ill-fitting for the look and feel you’re really after?

You have SO many options to upgrade your window treatments, and not all of them even require buying new! With a little creativity (and some honesty if it IS time to upgrade your windows with a purchase), you can easily add that touch of character and interest that each space in your home deserves.


Window upgrade ideas—without BUYING an upgrade

If your current window treatments still have a little “life” to them, or aren’t THAT ugly, just boring, there are tactics, accessories and adornments you can use. Try:

• Layering two or more types of window coverings

This is a GREAT way to add dimension, not to mention control light and air with even greater precision. Keep blinds or shades under a layer of drapes. You can even install the drapes between four and six inches above the window to add an illusion of an even taller ceiling. And voila, your space is completely changed.

• Try pulling existing curtains in opposite directions, then gather them in the hook on the opposite side

This simple trick adds texture and drama to your space. Sheer panels or solid-color linens tend to take this look on best—any patterned curtain in crisscross could risk looking a little overwhelming

• Install new curtain hooks

A hook can be a true adornment. Not only can a hook show off beautiful and ornate designs using a variety of materials, but you can decorate them even further with some DIY hanging pieces to play off the gathered fabric!

If you are looking at particularly dingy window treatments that you just CAN’T imagine looking any better with the ideas above, it might be time for to pick and purchase an upgrade. But, how do you pick?


To read more, check this article out.

How to pick a window upgrade if it IS time to buy…

Maybe you’re thinking about traditional drapes, or maybe Roman shades. Do you want something that flows, or something more rigid? Contemporary or country?

Whatever you have in mind, the choice is yours and YOURS alone.

From colors to patterns to materials, you have options galore with the Graber catalog we point our clients to. Here are some of the recommendations we regularly make when choosing Graber window treatments…


Drapes or blinds or…?

You have SO many options…even shades, blinds and drapes are each divided into half a dozen categories or more! Your window treatments, therefore, can TRULY reflect your style.

Before you decide on fabrics, colors or patterns, pick the type of treatment you want. Sheer curtains, slated blinds, flowing drapes and every imaginable style of shades are all options to consider.

  • Drapes and curtains are both solid panels of your chosen fabric. Sometimes, they hang alone. Other times, you can add a fabric valance at the top. These can all also be layered over blinds.
  • Shades are usually attached to a roller, and are a single length of fabric. Especially in the Graber catalog, they come in a HUGE variety of styles, with different backings and different lift mechanisms between them.
  • Blinds and shutters are slated and often made from vinyl or wood.


Fabric Choice

Are you happy with the weight and feel of your current drapes? Use those as a reference point when looking at your upgrade. Changing out the old fabrics for something new can give you not only a new look, but a truly refreshed one.

  • If you want to create a romantic or elegant look in a room, think about silk or satin fabrics for that lustrous sheen.
  • If you’re thinking about more traditional styles, brocatelle and other heavier fabrics are great options.
  • If you’re specifically looking for a “blanketed,” warm look (especially with the changing seasons), cashmere can be divine.


Family-conscious upgrades

Injuries and death from cords on windows (those that hang AND those that are part of the blinds themselves) account for two kids going to the ER every single day in this country. This risk is SO real, so serious, so TERRIFYING that the CPSC started annual Window Covering Safety Month to spend each October raising awareness.

One of the reasons we work with Graber Blinds is because of their three OUTSTANDING (and unobtrusive) options to eliminate this risk altogether…

1 – Cordless lift

With Graber’s cordless lift options, lift cords are eliminated entirely for safety—and for a streamlined appearance.

2 – Motorized lift

As though safety weren’t a good enough reason to consider a specific option, Graber’s motorized window treatments give you cordless AND remote control. That’s ease and safety, both at the touch of a button!

3 – Retractable lift

Graber’s new, patented “Smart Pull” system lowers shades smoothly with a simple tug and raises them up with a set of short pulls. As for the cord? Say “bye-bye” to dangling danger!


Before you make ANY decisions on upgrading the window treatments you have OR buying new, spend a little time browsing sites Pinterest or Houzz to get familiar with each look. You can even take preliminary measurements. And then, call me! I would LOVE to give you that final, affirming consultation…

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