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Trendy Toilets: 5 things you’ll want to know

Trendy Toilets: 5 things you’ll want to know

You probably don’t think of a toilet as something that can “trend,” but NO part of your bathroom is off-limits to remodeling and design fads.

Laurel Bern posted a while back about one completely alarming bathroom trend that most of us can easily say “No WAY” to, but it did get us thinking about toilets in general…

Spoiler alert: Laurel’s article pictures multiple bathrooms…with glass doors around the toilet! If there’s anything we’d like to keep private, that’d be it.


What other toilet trends are there?

Once you get past the alarming glass doors, you begin to focus in on the many styles of the toilets behind them. So…how do you choose a toilet? Glass door or no glass door, there are more styles and features than you might have thought…

I’m just about willing to guarantee it.

The toilet probably wasn’t the first thing you thought of for your bathroom redesign. But it’s an essential piece to pick, and to pick well.

To read more, check this article out.


What are your preferences and priorities?


1: Fancy flush capacities and water-saving toilets

Flush capacity is a very real conversation you’ll want to have when choosing a toilet. A water-saving flush option will good for the environment and for your water bill. At the same time, you need the flush design that will get the job done.

toilet with two flush options soft flush hard flush water saving

Picking a toilet with a dual flush option can help you be conservative when you want a softer flush, while using a heavier release from the tank when you need it. These models are more popular now than ever, and in some markets are even becoming a standard. This is GREAT news for homeowners who want to think of water conservation but with the luxury of other design preferences, too.

Such as…


2: Wall mounted, tankless, or two-piece toilets

If you do decide go tankless, you’ll probably have a wall-mounted toilet. These are SUPER easy to clean underneath, and end up making one less item your remodeler has to build around with your flooring installation! Just be sure the wall-mounted option you choose is really the right fixture for the space…you don’t want a wall-mount that makes you feel like you’re using the mall bathroom.

Two-piece toilets and single-piece tanked toilets do have the advantage that you can set things on top of the tank, so this choice should also take into account the space you have in your bathroom.

Expert tip: Even though the tank takes up space, it does give you that extra surface to work with. Toilet rolls, for example, can easily be stored on top.

toilet wink tank you can set things on

3: Looks and designs for modern toilets

In terms of toilet style and design, today you have all sorts of beveled styles of tanks PLUS pipe encasements to look at. Most of this will come down to taste…but be mindful of the size of your bathroom and location of your toilet.

For example, if your toilet will be installed close to the wall, an excess of porcelain lumps around the base will be harder to clean.


4: The shape says it all

If you haven’t thought about it yet, take JUST a sec to think about your space and comfort preferences for your toilet bowl. Elongated, or oval-shaped bowls, are the most common and are considered the most comfortable. But round bowls are good for saving space.

If you’re tempted by trends like a square bowl, be careful—a dated toilet is the last thing you want in your bathroom.

Expert tip: when shopping for toilets, you absolutely have to plan on sitting on them in the shop! This should be a no-shame, everyone-in-the-family-tries-it practice, or you could be left with a very uncomfortable experience for a VERY long time…


5: The final touch

Even after all this talk about shape and style, you can imagine how a toilet seat can make ALL the difference in feel. The good news is that you can always switch the superficial part of the seat out! In fact, after some wear and tear for five or six years, you’ll probably need to.

tankless toilet example bathroom trends

But be careful when you’re toilet shopping, because some toilets don’t actually come with a seat included. And if the seat IS your deal breaker for a toilet option you otherwise love, see what seats you can buy separately before making the call.

Once you start talking toilet height, finish, and the materials it’s made of, things can get even more complicated…

The good news: that’s exactly where we come in.

Remember to take advantage of a professional toilet installation as an opportunity to check the plumbing, too. You definitely don’t want to install a new toilet just to tear it out later to fix a pipe!

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