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Trending Window Treatments for Home Interiors

Trending Window Treatments for Home Interiors

If it’s about your home, it’s not a decision you should take lightly.

For example, just look at your window coverings. Your window treatments provide privacy and let the sun in (or block it out). They help to keep the temperature inside EXACTLY what your thermostat says it should be…and they also dress up your rooms!!

Every “look” from elegant to modern to romantic can be achieved with a design statement as simple as your window treatment selection.

Knowing what’s popular in the world of window coverings is important if you’re going to make an informed decision in your own selections. Today’s new window treatment trends let you know what’s POSSIBLE. Many are about technology and features that weren’t even thinkable 15 years ago.

Check out some of today’s biggest window treatment trends, and you’ll see just how timeless—and timely—some of today’s remarkable developments can be.


Roman and Roller Shades

Some trends age more gracefully than others.

Think, for example, of the clean and simple lines seen in SO much interior design today. You can see this trend in windows, in cabinets, in counters and in most other selections.

Can you imagine such clean, simple statements aging quite as atrociously as, say, fringe trim curtains? (Just check out the image below.)

This is what you DON’T want your window treatments to look like in 10 years…

Nowadays, there are hardly any miniblinds or wood blinds in new home designs…no fringe on the curtains, either…and CERTAINLY no damaged blinds that should have been replaced ages ago!

Instead, you see Roman and roller shades. Available in both top-down and bottom-up, these single-panel window treatments are the fastest-growing products in window treatments today.

The new colors and transparencies available for shades have helped boost their popularity, too. Simple though they are in design, now they’re more versatile than ever. This style has a classic look and the clean lines that modern interiors are BEGGING for.

Some of the most popular colors of shades right now are blues, soft greens, berries and grays…even jewel tones like orange have their place in the right design!

Custom Window Treatments

Right after I said you can tap into the growing variety of color available in roller shades, now I tell you that custom window treatments are trending, too!

Here’s the truth…your home says SO much about you. Why wouldn’t you want it to say something flattering? Your selections should speak to you…and on behalf of you to absolutely everyone who walks in!

The popularity of HGTV has stoked MANY homeowner’s creativity in recent years (though, it’s also stoked some pretty make-believe remodel budgets). As a result, home décor and interior design are booming, and more households than ever are noticing just how much their selections of window treatments can do.

Custom window treatments are coming back in a big way today because people are paying more attention to the details. Custom treatments took a nosedive in popularity when the “clean and simple” style first came in.

Now that people see the difference in performance, color, material and installation between store-bought shades and custom designs, however, the custom route has become more popular once more.

Today, each household spends an average of $5,000 to replace the actual glass-paned windows in their homes. Why wouldn’t they consider a fraction of that on the right blinds or shades that PROTECT those windows?

Here are some of the other benefits homeowners gain with custom window treatments:

  • More exact measurements and production
  • Higher-quality workmanship
  • Custom selection of colors or patterns
  • Custom selection of fabrics and materials
  • Better protection for your windows and interior finishes from the sun
  • More energy efficient

Look now at the window treatments in your home and then ask yourself honestly which styles of treatments you would prefer. Then, check out what your window treatments say about your personality…you might be surprised!


Motorized Shades

Motorized blinds and shades have made thousands and thousands of homeowners’ lives just a little bit easier every day. This tech has developed WELL past a simple remote activation, too. Now, there’s even an app that goes with motorization (like the app developed by Graber Blinds).

The new Graber Motorization App offers what they call a “connected, sophisticated experience” in every room. Doesn’t that sound divine!

…Turns out window technology really IS a “thing.”

Some of the added benefits of new-gen motorized shades and blinds include…

  • A decrease in the motor noise by over 30%
  • New motorization apps
  • New motorized want control
  • Voice control integrations (now we’re talking…)
  • Rechargeable motors (and now we’re going GREEN!)

Motorized blinds and shades aren’t just for convenience, either. How about those windows above the foyer that you can’t even reach?! This is the solution GENERATIONS have been waiting for.


Go Cordless

As long as we’re talking trends in convenience like motorized lifts…how about cordless shades and blinds?!

This window treatment trend has been growing in popularity for two reasons:

  1. First, it takes the “clean and simple” look to the next level
  2. Then, it complies with more of today’s new safety standards

Yes…the cord is a hazard. It’s not just some anecdotal paranoia. There are real lives that are lost every year. According to recent reporting done by USA Today, two children are sent to the ER every day as a result of window cord strangulation.

There are new rules in window treatment manufacturing that determine how long cords can be as a result, which has helped put downward pressure on this hauntint statistic. The only way to stay truly safe, however, is to go cordless from the start.


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Finally, start your own, custom window treatment consultation experience with me!! I’ll be delighted!

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