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Top 5 Trends from Market: Settling into New Styles

Top 5 Trends from Market: Settling into New Styles

April always means Robin heads to Spring Market. Here’s what she has to say about the top 5 interior design trends she saw there this year…


For a whole week in April, I explored showrooms and displays from some of the highest-end and boldest interiors manufacturers. I always LOVE going to market, and some of the trends I’ve seen this last year reaffirm some of the things I love the most about interior design.

There were 5 trends you should know about, especially in the BIGGER context of how they’ve evolved since I first spotted them last spring.

When I went to market in April 2022, I started to see these trends…

When I went to market in October 2022, I saw them making even more waves…

Now, these trends have settled into the industry. They’re showing up in products from the highest-end manufacturers. They’ve also taken shape as each trend shakes out—only the best survived, and now these trends really have a life of their own!!


Top 5 Trends I Saw at Spring Market 2023

1: More color!

This is a tendency I’ve been talking about for a full year, and I am THRILLED. More colors are everywhere in interior design.

What’s changed about this trend since last spring market is that color is no longer thrown in to “pop” or surprise…most furniture, light fixtures, wall papers, and even tableware feature bold color without holding back!  

Even the manufacturers who normally DON’T have color have introduced it…

Now, for the first time in YEARS, I hardly saw any gray at all. And good riddance, I think.

I did see a big surge of items in a sort of mauve-y shade, and I can’t say I’m a fan…if you do love it, try a few throw pillows in case you end up ditching them next year.

The details in these…the upcycling done to create them is amazing! WOW!! Look closely! I’d like to have one myself…


2: Biophilic design

The biophilic vibe in interior design speaks to the growing desire to bring the outdoors in. Huge design and renovation trends like indoor/outdoor kitchens and outdoor entertainment areas are the most tactile way we do that.

There are plenty of more symbolic ways to bring nature in, too. That’s where biophilic interior design comes into play.

More décor this year was nature-inspired, that’s for sure. Natural colors were EVERYWHERE. You’ll see insects in print designs along with plenty of flowers, and you’ll see the most realistic permanents (the technical name for fake flowers) EVER.

The big difference at market this spring was, once again, that every single manufacturer and designer has adopted this trend. I can’t say it’s my favorite, but some of the longer-lasting impacts show up in the materials the trend has inspired us to use. Sustainable fabrics, natural materials, and overall design that provides more natural light are all part of this scene…and now that the highest-quality brands are doing it, you can find MUCH nicer products.

I will say, another way this trend has evolved is that now, the highest-quality selections really make sense…even to someone like me who isn’t into the look. For example, a biophilic light fixture doesn’t just look like something natural. It is now meticulously designed to imitate natural light sources.

THAT kind of design is more interesting if you ask me!!


3: Textures and fabrics

This is another trend I’ve written about the last two times I’ve been to market…textures and fabrics remain HUGE.

Now that the trend has made it around the sun, I’m grateful to say that boucles texture is starting to go away—and other textures are winning out. The thing with boucles is that it WILL mat, pull and pile. If you do love it, get a piece you’re OK with replacing in a couple years.

Two other things changed this spring with the texture trend, and I am officially in LOVE:

  1. First, now that the highest-end brands are using textures, you can find MUCH better quality. Many of these brands are using new performance fabrics…
  2. Second, the textures are actually comfortable and inviting!! Last year, most textures were just rough. They were a play on the visual effect more than something to enhance the experience…you can thank the luxury brands for correcting this one.


4: Statement pieces

Combine these trends together, and you will see that the interiors market is now making some EXTRAORDINARY statement pieces.

The biggest manufacturers are the ones really investing in this now. It used to be that lower-end brands would create a ton of knock-off or attention-grabbing pieces…but since they weren’t made well, they wouldn’t last. We saw this a lot in the 1980s and 1990s.

Now, luxury furniture stores are carrying high-quality statement pieces that will take your breath away. These are items I recommend using sparingly…ONE statement per space, for example. If you choose right, each will be a piece that, when someone walks into that room, they can’t help but gasp and say, “wow, look at that!”


5: Glamour!!

Glam is in now in a way we haven’t seen in DECADES. It’s really coming back!!

While I was at market, Schonbek had one of the biggest unveilings that showcased this…they used all these pears and crystals, and I was blow away. I thought, these lamps really look like jewelry.

We’re going to see a LOT more of this trend. We’ve been seeing the Hollywood glam since last year…but we have NOT seen it in everyday design. Now, the high-end manufacturers and designers are changing that.

Bling is back in design…and a little bit goes a long way!


These 5 interior design trends have one thing in common: MAXIMALISM. The cycle of minimalism is done…and the pieces that are coming in now are colorful, tactile, and leave everyone visiting your home in awe from the craftsmanship and design creativity you choose to show off.

This spring market marked a turning point in these trends. They’ve consolidated to the best of each other, and they are now being exhibited by the most luxurious brands on the market.

Just take a look at this gallery from my time at Spring Market and join me in my private design community to tell me what you think!!


When higher-end lines are created mixed material pieces…you know they’re here to stay and not just a trend!

THIS is an item that amazed me…those are jade of ceramic pieces! It was incredible!!

The unveiling of the new Schonbek line…

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