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Top 3 Tricks for the BEST Backyard

Top 3 Tricks for the BEST Backyard

We’re well into summer now, in the thick of it…and I have ONE question for you:

Are you getting enough use of your yard?!

Your front yard serves for curb appeal and to nuzzle your home safely in from the street. Your world inside your home becomes your own.

But how about your backyard? The backyard is where the kids play, where your fur babies run around…and where you entertain during these glorious North Texas summer months!!

If you AREN’T using your backyard, I want to know…how much WOULD you use the space if it had what you needed? …The seating, the entertainment area…start with basic amenities and tell me how much time you’d spend in your backyard with the right set-up.

You can get creative if you’re determined to use your backyard more this summer, too! To get the wheels turning, I’ve compiled THREE of my favorite tricks to spruce up your backyard and unlock more comfortable and memorable home entertaining.

We want to help you relax. And by relax, we mean jazz up your backyard with some fun ideas (some of them DIY) and insights to create the space you, your family and guests deserve this summer.

Let’s take a look…


1: Add a pool

OK, this can be a HUGE undertaking if we’re talking about an in-ground pool…but that’s not your only option.

Depending on your budget, the size of your yard and how often you think you’ll use a pool, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by how many choices you have to cool off this summer.

And really, NOTHING says “relax” like a soak in the pool…especially now that the temps are climbing back to their summer “norms” around the Metroplex.

For alternatives to an in-ground, first there are above-ground pools to consider. You can take a look at this fairly complete review of above-ground favorites for 2019.

Above-ground pools are an economical “middle ground” for homeowners who aren’t equipped with the budget or the yard space for an in-ground option. They do take a toll on your lawn, however, and you might end up committing them to a space that will be “dead forever” under the pool thereafter…

If that’s starting to look a little less appealing, you can still consider an inflatable.

But wait! There REALLY ARE some wonderful inflatable pool options! Just take a look at Amazon’s Best Sellers for inflatable pools this summer 2019. You might not have believed that all of these are really inflatables…

A few options that jumped out at me as more discrete and a little classier included…

Outdoor pool ideas for North Texas homes summer 2019

To read more, check this article out.

2: Create a space to relax

OK, so we’ve talked pools. But what’s the absolute most important space you can create in your backyard this summer (if you don’t have one already)?

Answer: a seating space to relax.

Now, I do NOT mean folding lawn chairs…I’m talking about a charming spot to sit with a place nearby to set your drink. I’m talking about shaded seating, outdoor couches…and the coffee table or side tables to ensure everyone has a surface to set down the margaritas.

You can also take your outdoor seating up a notch and include a formal table space where you can dine outside! This is one of my FAVORITE parts of summer, and I wish it on every single one of you!

And don’t forget to invite us!!

Outdoor seating design tips for Keller texas


3: Add ambience

So, we’ve talked about the sporty idea of a pool. And we’ve talked about the basic need for seating.

What if you already have outdoor seating or a nice patio or deck, and you’re really reading this to see how you can take your outdoor space up another notch?

I’ve got you covered.

One of the BIGGEST factors affecting how relaxing a space is will always be ambience. For your backyard, this means ensuring proper lighting for time outdoors after nightfall, and working in lighting schemes around other objects to create a visual experience that takes you well beyond the patio.

One of my favorite and simplest ways to add ambience is with string lights. Just put them up, and you’ll add a little fairy dust to summer nights!

You can also try “DIY” touches like homemade candles in jars…and all that jazz. Just look on Pinterest! You’ll be inspired in no time.

Expert tip: If you’re a friend of the birds, consider a bird feeder (or a hummingbird feeder, if you really want to see something beautiful) installed in a strategic place in your yard, close enough to see but far enough from the grill and eating areas. With this, you’ll add something truly magical to your backyard experience…


That should get you started, right?! Now, what is your backyard really lacking? Are you preparing for visitors sometime this summer? Are you ready to soak up some sun with them, or will you be entertaining “A/C style” only?

There are SO many additional tips I could include here…but I want to hear from you! What backyard remodeling or design questions do you have? What experience do you want to offer your family and guests in your yard? Start the conversation with us today on Facebook!

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