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Top 3 Handyman Jobs That Make YOUR Life Easier

Top 3 Handyman Jobs That Make YOUR Life Easier

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Wow, I really hope my routine to get ready today is ultra-complicated and filled with annoying hassles!

Life’s hard enough. And, as one of our good friends pointed out to us recently, even the most potentially rewarding things can be the BIGGEST sources of stress.Handyman Keller, TX 76244

Take your home. It can be your sanctuary…the one place in the WORLD where you feel like yourself. It’s the hub of recreation and relaxation, and where you express yourself in every way.

And yet…your home, as a house, can also be one of the most costly and stressful investments you have EVER had the responsibility of managing. And fitting your home to your lifestyle so that you can maximize that return on ENJOYMENT…I bet you think we’re throwing out some lofty ideas with this one!!

Lofty or not, you DESERVE ease of use and a simple routine made possible by a home that functions for you. That means less time worrying about keeping everything is neat and tidy and more time spent doing things you LOVE.

To get a head start on the new year, consider these top handyman home improvements guaranteed to make your life easier. From storage hacks to a full home technology hub, we’ve covered just about EVERYTHING your home needs to set you and your family up for success.


  1. Cabinet clean-up made possible

Help us finish this sentence…The last time I updated my cabinets was _________.

How long ago did you decide to pay some much-needed attention to a few of the sturdiest and most utilized structures in your home? Cabinets usually fly under the radar until a complete home remodel is in the works. BUT…there are handyman home improvements that can easily keep them updated and functioning at their best between remodels!

We’ll keep it simple: it’s time to repaint, update hardware and customize!

Tip 1: Repainting your cabinets might seem like a daunting task, but that’s where we come in. We recommend water-based paints for a smoother finish—and remember to remove the cabinet faces to update the interior frame! The color combinations and textures will depend on the type of cabinetry you have. But in all cases, this will be a refresh that leaves the best impressions.

Tip 2: But right before you get started on the painting, and since your cabinet faces are already off, why not take a look at the cabinet base flooring? Your cabinet “flooring” might not look it’s best if your cabinets are usually well-stocked. Especially under the sink, we forget to remove all items and give this surface a good scrub on a regular basis. Make your life easier by installing flooring that not only is easy to clean but ties in your room aesthetic. You can add easy-to-install vinyl tiles, for example, which you’ll love cleaning for years to come.

Tip 3: And while we’re on a customizing roll, it’s probably time to replace your cabinet hardware. Remove the smaller, sometimes harder-to-grab knobs and instill larger handles, for one. Even better, give push-open cabinets a whirl. The hardware required will work with most cabinets, and when your hands are full you won’t need them to open a thing!

Dewils Custom Cabinetry Keller, TX 76248


  1. Stack on the shelves

Sometimes, during the day you just need an extra helping hand (or shelf). There are certain points in the home where you’re PRONE to needing some extra space…and existing shelves just don’t cut it.

Starting in the foyer, a hanging shelf for keys or mail is a LIFESAVER when you’re in a rush to leave. Moving into the kitchen space, consider open shelving or floating shelves. Floating shelves are PERFECT for spice racks or keeping appliances off the counter space.

Is your medicine cabinet getting a little full? There isn’t a rule that dictates one per bathroom! Add in an additional medicine cabinet with mirror to not only open up the room but to better organize your medicines and bathroom accessories.


  1. Technology trends

Control lights, blinds and window treatments, even the AC with your smartphone, or simply set a timer! Here’s a peak at what your day could be when you integrate smart technology into your handyman home improvements list:

Picture it…

Waking up on a cool winter morning, your automatic timer draws the blinds to let the let shine in and coax you awake. Your alarm has already signaled your coffee pot to start brewing just in time for you to take a shower and get dressed. You grab your bag for the day and notice on the smart fridge that someone left a note of what to grab at the store. You leave confident, knowing your smart home hub will text you a summary picture of its contents. And no need to worry about the temperature, your Nest thermostat will reduce the heat while no one is home. Wait…did you lock the garage and turn off the lights? Simply glance down at your phone and check for yourself after you arrive at work!

Graber Blinds and window treatments Colleyville, TX 76034It’s clear to see that smart home technology has infinite ways to improve your daily routine! There are TONS of options out there, so you can choose a hub that suits your needs perfectly.When it comes to home improvements, a little can go a LONG way. Regularly check your home for signs of acute wear and tear. Small updates and changes are sure to not only speed up your daily routine, but improve your home’s VALUE.

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