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Top 2021 Interior Design Trends

Top 2021 Interior Design Trends

In a profound way, the year 2020 has made us reconnect with our homes. More than ever, we want to enjoy the functionality, look and feel of the space we spend so much time in.

Our homes can reflect our histories and life experiences along with our preferred design aesthetics. And in spite of the challenges we’ve faced this year, having so much time starting at the same walls has given us a chance to dream in more actionable design terms.

Most of us have some high hopes for 2021. So…why not get ahead of the top interior design trends for next year so you can turn the design dreams you have into plans with next steps?

To help you spark a little inspiration for the most beautiful and comfortable home environment, follow along with these top interior design trends you can expect to see soon!!


1: Luxurious—But Not Opulent

Move over, “chic” interior design! It’s time for sleek luxury that does not cross into exaggerated opulence.

This is a delicate balance to strike, of course. Sleek lines and smooth textures help create spaces that hit the “high notes” of a classy environment without clashing with the living space, whatever that looks like in your home.

Just take a look at this hotel-vibe bathroom to get an idea of the kind of luxury I’m talking about…

Bathroom that is luxurious without being opulent

Now look at this kitchen. It’s luxurious but doesn’t scream “Versace.” And even though the navy-blue color is on its way “out” in design trends, here it pops against the white and is absolutely beautiful!!

Kitchen remodel that is luxurious without being opulent

Window treatments with this clean, luxurious look will be without excess frills, and furniture will continue to move toward sleeker and more linear lines. Keep your eyes out for simple finishes that you can mix and match!!


Sherwin-Williams color of the year urban bronze2: Bronze Paint

It wasn’t long ago that Sherwin-Williams announced the NEW color of the year for 2021!! This rich and elegant shade called Urban Bronze runs in parallel with the rest of the design trends we’ve been seeing…

I recently wrote about this color and everything you can imagine with it


3: Mixing Transitional and Mid-Century Modern

For those fans of interior design who can immediately picture a “transitional” style AND a “mid-century” one, these two are coming together for a stunning look into 2021…

Want a little more insight into which style is called what!? Take our interior design style quiz and discover YOUR style…

Popular furnishings gave us a preview into this trend, and even a recent project of ours came naturally to the same powerful style blend.

Kitchen design mixing transitional and mid-century modern interior design styles

Be sure to read more about this project and watch the video!!


Accent wall with traditional style mixed with ecclectic red paint4: Statement-Making Walls

Life’s too short—and opportunities come and go FAST. This year has been a painful reminder of that in so many ways…so why wait to add that gorgeous focal point in your favorite room?

Stop ogling Pinterest and start planning!

Interiors with a single wall swathed in a statement-making color (or adorned with a beautiful display of media) makes for some pretty unforgettable aesthetics. It also makes your home more yours.

What space in your home needs some inspiration?…


5: Increased Awareness and Desire for Craftsmanship

As families this year spent more and more time at home as lockdowns wore on, many did decide to roll out long-awaited remodels. The result? Some improved their quality of life and spent MUCH happier time in a home better designed for them. But others came up against the terrible realization that not all contractors are created equal.

Our homes reflect our history, and they also reflect the talent in our community in the craftsmanship that goes into them.

From selecting the right remodeling contractor to discovering the local artists whose works you feature on your walls, artistry comes in many forms, but every kind will enrich your home. Craftsmanship has become a growing priority for homeowners, even over cost—it just depends on that household’s priorities.

…What are yours?


Black and white guest bathroom remodel6: Black and White

Black and white has had a comeback!

It’s not like it’s ever really been “out,” but it’s also not a constant in the marketplace.

Knowing whether something is a passing trend or a lasting one can be hard to figure out. Black and white, however, has been a classic combo that has come back in multiple manifestations over time.

Remember those black and white checkerboard floors?!

Yeah, I thought so!

Black and white in interior design is like the little black dress in your closet. The idea never goes out of style, but maybe some of the cuts and fabrics do. Read more about how to apply the newest wave of black and white in my recent article…

Black and white bathroom remodel


Pool Kitchen in back yard near keller texas7: Outdoor Spaces Built for Year-Round Entertaining

Without a doubt, experiencing a pandemic and the resulting lockdowns has led ALL of us to rethink the time we spend outside.

For 2021, you can expect a BIG wave of improved outdoor spaces for year-round use…entertainment spaces, outdoor kitchens, and beautiful nooks to host in will be more popular than ever.

Lucky for us we live in TEXAS and not New York state!! These spaces really can get year-round use.

The demand for the firepits, outdoor fireplaces, grills and other components of a beautiful outdoor entertainment space will go up along with this trend, so if it’s something you would consider, think seriously about it now.

Outdoor entertainment area in north texas near keller


There really are lots of reasons we’re looking forward to 2021…not least of which is because 2020 will be OVER!

Looking at the current design and décor of our home is a way to get ahead of our overall health and wellness for next year, too. And yes, I’m talking about the emotional part of that as well as the possibility of a new home gym! For example, maybe it’s time you created that calming yoga room, or your oh-so-stylish home office equipped with all the smart devices you can think of. If it brings you a return on enjoyment, it’s a conversation worth having!!

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