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Tips and Tricks For First Impressions

Tips and Tricks For First Impressions

Yes, we’ve ALL heard how much first impressions mean…at work, with friends, at the gym!!

And, well…since we’re in the “home” business, let’s talk about the first impressions your home is making or could be making.

First of all…

Can your guests find your house number easily? And, more importantly, in the case of an emergency can fire or policemen find your house?

This means: Is there a light illuminating your house number? I can’t tell you how many homes we go to and we can’t find a house number…and, in an emergency, it needs to be found quickly!


When guests walk up to your front door, is it inviting?

This means: Have you power washed the exterior lately? What about the front door? Does it need painting or just a good cleaning? Can your guests easily find the doorbell? Fresh flowers in a pot helps brighten up those little corners at your front door as well…Lighting is also important, not only for your guests, but for you and your family. Is there sufficient light out front so you can see who is at your front door at night? How about good lighting so when your guests come or leave your home they can see well.

And what about the walk up to your front door?!

If guests have to park on the street, is there an easy path to your front door? Is the pathway even, with no areas where someone could trip and fall?

Now, what about your landscaping?

Are there dead plants, weeds everywhere? If you don’t have time to maintain, put in low-maintenance plants and make sure you spend the money on really good weed control so you don’t have to keep weeding your beds! Make sure the soil in your beds isn’t above the brick or siding line of your home, too…this could allow water to seep in very easily. And that WILL mean damage to the siding, otherwise.

Another trick to remember is that keeping shrubs away from the house helps those pesky insects not have such an easy time gaining entry…or the lovely squirrels (and other furry rodents) getting to your home and “nesting!” And don’t forget about those plants that just seem to reach out and GRAB you when you’re walking by! Even from a safety standpoint, you want to make sure that you can see around your shrubs and that others can see your home. Shrubs that have grown up in front of the windows in your home can be hiding place…

To read more, check this article out.


So, your guests have made it through the front door…

Once inside your home, what are the first things your guests see? What do they smell? Did someone just burn popcorn? Can they tell right away there’s a bathroom nearby?

Be sure to clear the entry of clutter and have an area where your guest can take a coat off and put down their bag. And, if you have animals, you may not be able to “smell” them…but that might be the first thing that hits your guests when you open the door. Many guests will tell you that your animals are okay, but you have to watch their body language to be sure. And if your animals aren’t used to children, you might think about putting pets in another area of your home when guests come with little ones. Also, many people have allergies, and while they don’t want to offend you, they could be suffering silently and end up having to cut their visit with you!

So, when guests walk further in…does one of your main rooms need a fresh coat of paint?  If you are going to repaint, choose good quality paint that will allow you to “scrub” some of those inevitable dirt spots off! Or maybe all you need is a de-cluttering and new organizational system for your closets and living spaces? Trust us…when a home is picked up and tidy, it hides a multitude of “problems!”

Making a good impression doesn’t have to involve a lot of money, but it does require some time and maintenance…whether you do it or hire someone else to do it! Come back to check out our maintenance recommendations in the future, and leave us a comment with some of your “first impressions” of these entryways and living spaces below!!












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