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Timeless and Accessible Bathrooms

Timeless and Accessible Bathrooms

When it comes to remodeling and interior design, of course, there are trends! There are styles you read about in magazines and “looks” that sweep the scene. There are so many questions clients come to us with, and there are so many trends we see tick by with more remodels over each year…

But it’s not just the fleeting trends that attract attention. With over 23 years in business, we’ve seen certain major trends take hold that won’t be going anywhere soon.

These are the trends and tendencies in the market that reflect lifestyle needs. They’re the trends of a generation rolling by. The tide of whatever is “chic” rolls out, but then there are those timeless questions people come to us with…like:

What can I do for accessibility?

Everyone ages, and everyone needs to consider weaving accessibility features into the bathroom if they have intentions to stay in their home. These are the changes that make a home livable for years to come…with comfort, agility and dignity.

But—do these changes have to mean your bathroom will be obviously “elder-equipped?”

This question will never be out of “style” because there’s always a generation aging. But in market trends, Signature Home Services tends to get more of these questions about accessible spaces than general contractors in Tarrant County. Why? Our team includes a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), so it’s natural that clients look to us for specialty in this field.

Aging in Place is about keeping you safe and comfortable. It’s about protecting your lifestyle. And it’s about staying in your home. But it’s also about the outstanding craftsmanship and expert design that make these updates without making it obvious that accessibility was on your mind.

Sometimes, these updates aren’t even a homeowner’s priority in a remodel. Maybe it’s just them thinking ahead. No one wants their master bath to feel like an especially spacious mall handicap stall.

We’ve had SO many clients talk to us about accessibility…You’ll see articles other places on the web about built-in shower benches, handrails, ramps and some of those more standard installations. But today, we want to talk to you about our five favorite accessible bathroom remodels where there was “more to it.” Accessibility wasn’t the first thing these homeowners talked about when they showed their finished project off, because the spaces were designed to retain and enhance their beauty as full-bath remodels.

To read more, check this article out.

Our five favorite accessible baths

Just like the larger trend to include accessibility in bathroom design and planning, there were some common themes between these five bathrooms. This might have been coincidence, or it might have been because we made a good case for each of these luxurious and stunning features. But in all five bathrooms:

  • We built completely accessible showers…there were no curbs. In each space, the homeowner can walk right in or enter with a wheelchair, if necessary.
  • They also each had handshowers installed that could be adjusted to any height in a “lock” position, or be removed from the mount altogether.

 These were popular features because they say luxury more than they do accessibility. And there are MANY other accessibility-specific features that fall into this same area!

Let’s take a look at our five favorite projects and see what other options you can consider for accessible, beautiful and even luxurious bathroom designs…

 The projects

  1. In this mid-sized bathroom space, we created more room by removing the bathtub. A large, walk-in shower with a curbless entry was installed instead. Custom cabinetry was installed to make access and organization to toiletries more practical. And with a palette of colors and a mix of textures used around the space, this bathroom remodel was completed in style.

Large walk-in shower with curbless entry.


Signature tip: This was an example of where the client didn’t need special accessibility considerations at the time of remodeling—It was just this consideration for the future that allowed the family to feel confident knowing that their home would suit their needs for years to come.

  1. This was a slightly longer bathroom space that just yearned for wide mirrors above the vanities! The design was a clean and crisp white with a soft mix of textures and materials used across the room. This family also got rid of their bathtub to install a walk-in shower with a spacious bench inside. They also had grab bars installed in the shower and near the water closet area.

Spacious walk-in shower and water closet area with grab bars.

This was another example of a family whose lifestyle and health didn’t require grab bars or need to accommodate a wheelchair in the shower…yet. But knowing that they were ready whatever came their way empowered them to enjoy their home with the peace of mind of permanency.


  1. In this beautiful bathroom space, the homeowners opted to keep the bathtub. They had a large, custom corner tub installed, but also wanted to update the shower with accessibility features “just in case.” The shower curb was removed allowing for a seamless entry. The floor design was otherwise unchanged, but Interior Design elements gave the space a whole new look.

Seamless shower entry.

  1. This was another project where the shower had multiple updates for accessibility. A large, walk-in design was used for curbless entry, and a wide bench was installed inside. The overall design of the bathroom favored the high-contrast use of white against rich woods that gave every sense of luxury—with no immediate thought of “mall bathrooms” or accessibility!

Large walk-in shower with wide bench and curbless entry.

  1. This was one example where instead of an owner thinking ahead, a couple was working through a time of need. The husband had a stroke several years earlier and was having consistent issues. And in order to care for him comfortably at home, the wife had several updates she needed to the master bath. While the bathtub was kept, a new surround was installed to make it accessible. The shower was made fully accessible with an open, curbless design. The door was completely removed off the water closet to make it walker or wheelchair-accessible, too.

Large accessible curbless shower entry.

Read more about this project in our blog. What happened after the project was done was something that truly touched our hearts

Signature tip: Don’t forget the lights! These projects all focused on the most important aspect of an accessible bathroom—the shower. But there are other changes that make a big difference in comfort, too, like voice-activation lights and fans.

Any bathroom takes a lot of time, design, and budget to update. And for accessibility…the bathroom has some of the most sensitive spaces to think about.

HOWEVER, accessibility updates can be made with grace and style…They can be made luxurious and classy. Aging in place doesn’t stop at safety—it includes every comfort and sense of dignity you’re entitled to in your home.

For more tips and inspiration, contact us or take a look at our beautiful bathroom portfolio…we’d LOVE to see what can be done with your bathroom space!

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