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The Summer-In-Texas Home Preparation Checklist

The Summer-In-Texas Home Preparation Checklist

You can see it now—that summer sun shining in through the windows, and that ROLLING WAVE of heat as soon as you open the back door.

Your deck or patio is so inviting, and it actually feels like a WELCOME chore to clean up all the outdoor furniture and prep for barbeques, cool beverages and whole weekends spent by the pool!

It might seem like ALL you need to do to prepare for summer after that is to go shopping for a new bathing suit!

Beyond the deep spring cleaning and the spring home maintenance, the reality is that summer in Texas is INTENSE. You feel ready for it as soon as you get the sunscreen out and a cold drink in your hand, but your home will need the right prep to take the elements on.

We’ve written this checklist to walk you through must-do summer maintenance so your home can be the most comfortable, summer-ready space for you to ENJOY. A simple checklist can do SO much to help you reduce stress levels…so, keep reading for the ONE checklist you need go get your home totally Texas-summer-ready!!


Your air conditioning unit…

Isn’t this one a given? You see this item on EVERY home maintenance checklist for spring and summer months…

But what does it really MEAN? What does an air conditioning unit NEED done to it to get ready for summer? What’s in a “A/C tune-up?”

We talk to our clients about two things that have to be done before summer starts. First, your filter has to be checked, and often it will have to be changed. That filter is responsible for trapping debris and dust so you don’t end up BLASTING it around your home…if it’s full of stuff already, you won’t be doing your household ANY favors when the A/C comes on.

You also have to have the A/C drip can cleaned and the overflow drain blown out. These mechanisms are in place to keep your system working optimally, because the LAST thing you want is for your unit to overheat and stop working one summer day…


Duct cleaning

This summer home maintenance task is CLEARLY related to your air conditioning, too! And it’s not a big surprise to see this here, is it? Just think—with 100+ degree days around Keller, TX, we are SURE we’re not speaking just for ourselves when we say that the air conditioning in your home is the biggest “make-or-break” feature of COMFORT in your home, right after clean water!

Cleaning your ducts out before the A/C goes on for the next four months will ensure you aren’t blowing air filled with dust, debris and air pollutants around your home. No one in your home should suffer from preventable pollution in your indoor air quality…

Getting your ducts cleaned out also improves your whole HVAC system’s performance. Don’t make your A/C unit work harder than it has to! By cleaning your air ducts now, you’ll lower your electric bills this summer AND add more time between now and the eventual replacement or fix…

Just schedule a duct cleaning with Signature Home Services to get this done!!


Attic ventilation

SO much of your summer checklist will ultimately come down to how efficient your air can circulate in your home…we ARE talking about summer in TEXAS, after all!!

Check your attic for adequate ventilation before summer temps kick in. Air MUST circulate to cool off that hot attic space, because air in the attic will inevitably heat up your living space, too. Check to ensure eaves and openings in the attic are free of obstructions.

Fact: did you know that your attic can get up to 160 degrees?! If you want help checking your attic out before summer…do it now…because NO one can work that long up there once it climbs over 100…

Windows that have lost their seal

Part of home maintenance is performing simple checks on systems, features and finishes that might OR might not need work. If they don’t, great! If they do, it’s essential you know NOW before it hits you hard in your wallet later, or before something breaks down.

Your windows are one of those things to check before summer starts. Look around the outside for any areas where the caulking has failed. You’ll notice this as a gap between the window or door frame with your home’s siding.

For 5 signs your windows need to be updated, read this Signature Home Services article


Gardens and gutters

This “to-do” is all about sprucing up the exterior of your home along with your yard! Trim any trees and shrubs back that have overgrown. And add some new plants or flowers wherever you see an opportunity to “change things up!” Why not have a little fun?

The gutters are as important for your landscaping as they are for the longevity of your home on a structural level, too. They play a critical role in protecting your home by directing all rain water AWAY from the walls of your house (and its foundation). You’ll also avoid water accumulation in your landscaping.

For an even longer checklist of systems, finishes and fixtures to check this summer and at least twice a year, download our Home Inspection Checklist


If you’re anything like us…you’ve been waiting for summer since LAST summer! That warm sun and drinks by the pool are all waiting for you…and you’ll REALLY be able to kick back after checking these things all off your list!!

Give us a call for help, or send us a message right here on the website!!

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