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The State of the Interior Design Industry

The State of the Interior Design Industry

Interior design has impacted you in ways you didn’t even realize. When you walk into a shop, the layout of displays isn’t just marketing—it’s interior design. When done right, it guides you through an experience that engages all the sense.

In your home, interior design is the intersection of art and science. It’s where your personality and your lifestyle meet. Interior design amplifies your personal space into a sanctuary. Through interior design, you can express yourself and live your best life.

Well-done interior design improves a space. It suits it for its purpose. Your bedroom should be designed to enhance your relaxation…your home office should be designed to improve your focus and efficiency…your kitchen should be designed in a way that you actually WANT to cook!!

Ask yourself:

  • What have you observed about other people based on their interior spaces?
  • What can others learn about you from your interior spaces?
  • If you don’t like the message your interiors send, what do you WANT your home design to say about you?

Homeowners are starting to ask these questions more and more. That’s when interior designers take a more active role in guiding clients where they want to go. The interior design industry grew modestly in 2022—just 0.4%. Compared with the overall dip in the market, though, this growth is significant.

More homeowners are starting to “get it.” The value of interiors is starting to translate to REAL action from people who desire more from their homes…


What’s next in the interior design market?

The number of interior design business in 2022 was up to 149,515. What differentiates one designer from another? How do you seek out the best interior designer for you?

Ask yourself how much any of these factors mean to you…

  • The designer’s process
  • The designer’s experience
  • Industry connections the designer has
  • Certifications the designer has obtained
  • Associations that the designer belongs to
  • Creativity the designer has shown in projects like yours

For example…do you want an interior designer who thinks EVERYTHING can be done in a cookie-cutter template format? If you’re reading this, probably not.

…And do you want your home to say something about you? Or which rabbit hole you fell into on Pinterest?!

The industry connections your designer has are one of the most important factors for your return on enjoyment. Will the designer you work with source the highest-grade selections at insider-industry prices? That’s what you want!

Another way to filter to the best interior designer is to look for someone who’s been asked to judge competitions. That designer has probably won competitions, too! When an interior designer is looked to as an industry expert with a superior level of knowledge and integrity, THAT is the person you can trust to lead you to truly exceptional interiors.


What are the best interior design services?

The best interior design services depend on what you’re looking for, of course. We can speak to luxury clients because that’s the audience we serve…

When a homeowner doesn’t have the time to get lost in details and just wants guidance that they can trust, these are the high-end interior design services that appeal most:

  • Turkey interior design that covers everything from 3D renderings to sourcing to delivery and installation
  • Phone consultation for specific questions homeowners want expert opinions on
  • Custom window treatments
  • Custom event styling
  • Custom furniture

That’s why we offer these interior design services for our clients to work directly with Robin Burrill, our CEO and Principal Designer.


Today, homeowners interact differently with their selections…

Homeowners interact very differently with their selections these days. Previously, homeowners were limited to local showrooms and manufacturers, or had to trust the descriptions of products sold from other markets sold online.

Today, thanks to portals like Material Bank, interior designers have direct connections with manufacturers to request selection samples. Robin uses Material Bank to ship material samples overnight from manufacturers all over the country. Samples arrive, and clients enjoy the experience of touching and feeling fabrics, tile, cabinet materials and finishes of all kinds.

As of the end of 2022, Material Bank’s valuation is now $1.9 Billion. This is a sign of what’s to come in interior design. Your expectation should be to truly experience your design before any order is placed. Paired with photo-like 3D renderings, your interior design process can inspire more confidence and excitement than you ever dreamed of…


What’s happening interior design trends?

The interior design market is evolving as far as selections go, too. Robin visits High Point Market twice each year to look at the newest décor, furniture and fixtures from the highest-end brands.

Did you see the top 5 trends from High Point Market just a few weeks ago?!


Technology in interiors…

Yes, technology in interior design is a thing!!

Just check out how tile selections have multiplied exponentially thanks to new printing, cutting, and manufacturing technologies…

The technology of window treatments is another thing to think about…it’s more than just remote control. Picture a home environment where protection from the sun is automated…or how about a home completely free of cords…

Then, of course, there’s the total luxury that occupancy sensors can provide. Just imagine automated sensors paired with your smart devices controlling everything from HVAC to ambience every time you have guests!!


For more commentary on these 2023 interior design industry trends or to get more interiors inspirations, join our private community…interact directly with Robin…and tell us what you think!!

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