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[GALLERY] The NEW Lighting I Saw at Market…

[GALLERY] The NEW Lighting I Saw at Market…

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It was cold, and I was VERY interested in distracting myself from the fact that it was still only the middle of January…plus, there was LOTS of stuff to see, and on top of it my friend Ruthann Capozzi of Capozzi Design Group was coming in from Ohio to go to market with me.

Because, yes, we were going to Design Market 2020. Ruthann arrived at the start of the week, and when we headed into the Metroplex, I told her all about the innovative and TRULY gorgeous (and not-so-gorgeous) things I’d seen other years at this incredible annual display.

Now that we’re at the start of a new year AND a new decade, what are the interior design trends? What’s up with new furniture, accessories, or lighting? I was ready to see it all. Of course, I attend interior design events all the time, and read and study and know intimately what’s going on in the industry, but to see some of these trends in action was going to be fundamental to me knowing what to recommend to clients.

And…would you believe it? There was SO MUCH to see in lighting ALONE that Ruthann and I didn’t even make it to any other part of the 2020 market show!! Well…except to hit the food vendors on the first floor where they’re giving away SAMPLES of great chocolates, nuts, and all kinds of foods that are sold in specialty shops…the chocolates were our favorites, and now I’m going through afternoon withdrawals from NO chocolate!

Here’s what we saw in the lighting showcased at market this year…

In lighting this year, gold is definitely HOT. Mixing metals is a big thing, too…

Glass was everywhere, BUT I have to admit I’m not a big fan…just think, bugs will get in there and die…and you’ll have to clean a glass fixture all the time, ESPECIALLY in a bathroom or kitchen where gunk gets in the air…

Another HUGE thing this year is macramé and beads of all kind. Who would have thought?!

Wood and plastic were on everything, too, which played into how big the use of organic shapes is right now…and that goes for furniture, too, just think of all the leather, wicker, and rattan!

Floral motifs were also everywhere…

And then, of course, there was the BLING!!

The bling was my personal favorite, ESPECIALLY when it came to the Swarovski crystals…WOW. The lights we saw that were most unique were these where you don’t even see the TINY LED light…you just see the crystal act as a prism and light itself up at the tip!

There was EVERY shape of bulb and color of light this year, too, from warm to SO BRIGHT it made your head hurt! Seriously, I needed sunglasses in some of the showrooms…

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