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  • What’s Behind Your Walls?

    What’s Behind Your Walls?

    Breaking into a wall during renovation is like opening a present from a distant aunt. Your house has had good intentions to hold itself together and protect you from what lurks behind…but once you open the walls up, you MIGHT find something horrendous. Any renovation will come up against the unknown. As demolition begins, walls

  • How Prepared Is Your Home for the Unexpected?

    How Prepared Is Your Home for the Unexpected?

    Your home is your place of rest, of family, of JOY and of memories made. How prepared are you, though, for certain unexpected things that are likely to occur at some point that DISRUPT your home life? Your home will be ill-adapted for certain things that come up. It’s certain. There are parts of your

  • Switch from Textured Walls to Flat Walls

    Switch from Textured Walls to Flat Walls

    Today’s topic is textured walls. These are especially popular in Texas, so it’s worth a nod to all those homeowners near our North Texas office!! READ: The main reason why textured walls are selected is because they are faster and easier to put up. (Faster means cheaper, too.) Textured walls hide imperfections, and painting them

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