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    6 Factors Impacting Your Health at Home

    Life is risky enough. You don’t want to suffer avoidable hazards at home on top of it! Create a safe, healthy and happy home for you and everyone you invite in through those doors…truly, what more could you ask for?! Since you’re reading about “how to create a healthy home,” there are some things I’m

  • 5 Window Treatment Design Trends to Know

    5 Window Treatment Design Trends to Know

    Today, you aren’t limited anymore to your grandmother’s drapes. And thank GOODNESS, because your window coverings are one of the most visually important elements of any room. And just like dear Grandma’s drapes, there are trends that are “in” and trends that are totally “out.” Even window technology has evolved and impacted window treatments in

  • [BEFORE/AFTER] Luxurious Shower and Bath Space

    [BEFORE/AFTER] Luxurious Shower and Bath Space

    Remodeling a bathroom is a BIG deal. It’s usually one of the smallest rooms in your home, yet it plays a huge role in your day-to-day (and an equally huge role in the value of your home). Your bathroom is a space that’s smaller than your kitchen but arguably even more fundamental. (Would you rather

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