Signature Solid Wood Furniture Line

The Signature Furniture Line is our private label collection of solid wood furniture pieces in our own Signature Navy.

The 4 Furniture Pieces

Each piece in the line is custom made when ordered, making additional personalizations possible. Enjoyed individually or as a set, each piece brings an elevated look and a level of quality you see and feel to keep you loving your home.


The Signature Pedestal is a stately table with a pedestal base. Made of hardwood solids, it can act as a focal point in a space or as an elevating complement to an existing design in a foyer, breakfast nook, or the center of your living room.

54″W x 30″D x 54″H
Carton weight: 152 lbs
Bottom of Floor to Apron: 26.5″ H

7292-07 Ethos HEX 293949


The Signature Dining Chair can act as a side chair or can be used in a set, in the dining room or anywhere else. Lean into the upholstered linen of the Signature Dining Chair and feel the quality of the oak solids that support you. 

21″W x 24.25″D x 39.5″H
Carton weight: 23 lbs
Seat: 21″ W x 18″ D x 19″ H


This rectangular-top vintner table is pure quality…and it’s pure quarter-sawn oak. Three apron rail drawers add storage and a clean, tailored look. The Signature Navy contrasts strikingly with the brass pulls.

78″W x 16″D x 33.25″H
Carton weight: 160 lbs
Lower shelf: 74″ W x 16″ D x 20.25″ H


The Signature Case Cabinet is a stunning storage cabinet with adjustable shelves inside. The cabinet has a rectancular top sitting atop six square posts, each with a brass socket flared out at the floor. The same brass is matched in the cabinet hardware installed vertically on each door. 

76″W x 19″D x 38″H
Carton weight: 283 lbs

Signature Navy

Signature Navy is based off a timeless navy blue called “In the Navy.” Most of you know that our President, Rob Mathews, served in the Marines. Service is more important to him than he can say.

Service is also at the heart of our company’s day-to-day. It’s our mission to serve turn dreams into design, and this standard of service has worked for our clients and for us over almost three decades. 

And that’s the other meaning of the color Signature Navy: it’s timeless. We chose a color that will always be in style, and will always be around, just like we have…

Always part of the most beautiful home renovations, and forever more.

Robin headshot_content

Our own CEO and Principal Designer, Robin Burrill, designed the Signature Furniture Line. It was her luxury design experience—and love of timeless design—that came together, reimagined, in her first venture into furniture design.

Secure yours…

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