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She Needed Privacy, She Got This Great Experience

She Needed Privacy, She Got This Great Experience

It was the week of Thanksgiving, and this soon-to-be client in Grapevine, Texas was in desperate need. She had had ENOUGH. Especially with the looming holiday, she couldn’t stand the thought of nights of entertaining flooded with light from next door.

This condo owner had dealt with a long-standing nuisance from next door. The neighboring patio not only had a security camera pointing over her patio, but there were motion-sensitive FLOOD LIGHTS installed that perpetually flooded her patio space with bright light.

To top it all off, the renters next door weren’t always the most considerate. She had a hard time making any headway with requests to reconfigure the lights and camera set-up.


Enough was enough…

She was done waiting for someone else to do something about it. This Grapevine homeowner instead got onto Houzz in search of handyman services in the area and then found our profile. With a once-over of recent reviews, she contacted us.

Around that same time, we had hired a new Home Service Expert named Mike to join our team. He was going to help with our growing number of handyman jobs, and was sent right out to install two retractable awnings at this new client’s condo patio.

We knew Mike was a great hire as soon as we met him. With 18 years of experience, and a degree of professionalism that we were SO pleased to see, we knew clients would love him.

And we weren’t disappointed.


This was our new client’s experience…

The day after Mike installed two awnings over the client’s back patio, we received this email:

I just came in from my patio which is so nice now that I have my privacy back and a reprieve from the sun!

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for the job that Mike did. He went out of his way to make the experience as pleasant as possible as he became aware of the issues I have with the renters next door. One came out and tried to harass and intimidate Mike outside of my garage and he was so professional. I was very impressed. I have had ongoing issues dealing with their floodlight and now a security camera overlooking my patio, etc. Hence, the need for the retractable awnings to get my life back. It was so worth it and Mike was extremely nice and understanding. You are very fortunate to have him on your team.

I have now found an awesome company for any future home improvements projects. I am truly blessed. And I will definitely complete the survey. 👍

Thank you again, and please let Mike know that I will be forever grateful. Have a wonderful holiday and I will as well…now that I have my dignity back.”

Needless to say, we were VERY flattered—not to mention proud! We were especially impressed with Mike’s ease with showing every bit of professionalism and interest in the client’s need.

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This is how you can ALWAYS benefit from another client’s experience

When we receive feedback like this—detailed AND genuine—it’s a BIG opportunity for us. Yes, we’re excited to share the good reviews, but even when a client writes about a challenge or negative experience, that’s good news for you (which makes it good news for us, too).

When you shop for ANY service provider, if you’re looking for a remodeler or a handyman in or around Keller, be sure to check online reviews first.

First, there are clients like this Grapevine condo owner who are articulate and generous, so much so that they write us gushing reviews.

Then there are clients who only write reviews when something goes wrong.

Either way, when these reviews are made public, you’re able to SEE how the company responds. And there SHOULD be responses to every review! You deserve the service provider who wows clients time and time again and who knows how to respond when something doesn’t go the way it was intended to.

How does the provider you’re considering respond to negative comments? Do they make problems right again? When clients post positive reviews, are there specific details that give you real insight into what the company does best?

Tell us about a time a review has made a difference for YOU. Start the conversation with us on Facebook!!

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