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September Home Buys You Can’t Miss

September Home Buys You Can’t Miss

How in the WORLD is it already September?! The year is truly flying by, but we’re not complaining if it means freshly-baked autumn pies…

September holds the lovely combination of the warm summer nights AND the first day of fall. Fall means cozy sweater weather, pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING and school falling back in session (good for us, less so for the kids)!

With a month that truly bundles together the BEST of two seasons, you know there are going to be some amazing home buys that you won’t want to pass up! We’re talking back to school AND Labor Day sales, people!

Let’s take a look.

Make way for some new appliances

September is THE time to go big-ticket appliance shopping. Start by taking a quick inventory of your home. When was the last time you replaced the refrigerator or washing and drying machines? Technology is changing the way appliances are used in the home, too, and this is the PERFECT time to test out what our North Texas stores are throwing your way!

Why the discount? Around this time, newer models of appliances are introduced to the market. That means that last year’s appliances just have to go. That high-tech refrigerator with built-in touch screen can finally be yours!

Home Maintenance

And…did we mention school is back in session? It’s a big deal in a lot of ways, so we just had to repeat it! What better time than fall, with kiddies away and cold weather coming in, to brush up on some R&R with a new mattress? The sales are popping up, so do not miss out!

Pro tip: don’t forget the extra throw pillows from our favorite pillow store! That cushy bed can be more inviting this fall than it’s ever been…

Wave goodbye to summer and hello to summer item discounts

C’ya hot summer days, parting is such sweet sorrow. But…the savings you’ll find on summer gear is even sweeter! Think of all the activities you have time to do in the summer, like grilling, lawn-care, and outdoor activities. Stores know that these will get no use in the off-season, so it’s time to CLEAR their shelves!

Take this time to check out the lawnmowers, weed-whackers and sprinkler systems. These are an AMAZING investment this time of year! Another fun summer activity becoming even more affordable this month? Grilling! There’s nothing like adding an impressive electric grill or classic charcoal to your backyard BBQ…Plan ahead and grab some new hardware now, and that way you’ll be all set to be the HIT of next year’s neighborhood gathering—not to mention getting the most out of what’s left of September.

Interior design

While you’re at it, add some new patio furniture to the cart and create your picturesque dream yard at an even DREAMIER price! Check out Y Living for a killer selection on outdoor options, we absolutely love their chic collections.

Just keep swimming

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to take advantage of all the pool time you’ve got! Just as patio and outdoor appliances are set for those end of the summer sale prices, so are pool accessories and gear! 

Let’s be honest…pools are expensive enough and can require A TON of maintenance. Treat yourself to the pool products that will only decrease the time spent worrying over chlorine levels and maintenance schedules! If you don’t have a pool yet but are considering buying, now’s the time to take a look! It’s like buying an ornament for next year’s Christmas tree in January…get your excitement up now with the absolute best prices of the year!

Wine no more…or lots more           

Okay…so maybe it’s not a decorative piece or appliance, but wine goes in the home so it still counts, right? It’s harvest time at the vineyards now, which means AMAZING wine prices! Get a little adventurous and try some new options this September! Or even better, when you buy in bulk, stores usually offer an even larger discount!

…Anyone want to split a case of bottles?…

Pop out a cork and toast to the end of summer, the beginning of fall, and these AMAZING home buys that you’ll be happy you didn’t miss out on! (You can thank us by sending over a Cabernet.) 

Do you have any super September savings that we missed? Or maybe you need a little help finding a place to purchase patio furniture or new appliances? Send us a message on Facebook! We LOVE hearing from you and will help you find the absolute best September deals!

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