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Selections In Your Home That People Notice…Without Noticing!

Selections In Your Home That People Notice…Without Noticing!

There are many design details that people instantly notice in your home…and then there are details that go discretely unnoticed.

If someone walks into your freshly-painted living room (having known that the color was another before), then the new coat will stand out!

In the same way, if you hang a new piece of artwork by the dining room table, you can BET it will be a source of conversation over dinner.

The smaller details that go unnoticed include things like your choice of outlet cover, your choice of metal in the cabinet hardware, or even your toilet. These details feel “insignificant” when you remodel, and so often go missed when renovating a space.

Usually, people think:

  • “These details are too small to matter”
  • “I’m tired of spending money on selections”
  • “I’m tired of making DECISIONS on selections”

If you really want to show off your home, though, it’s these details that make the difference. People really do notice these details—even when they’re beyond what they instantly classify or articulate.

To create a beautiful environment in your home down to the very last outlet, consider these details just as important as the paint you put on your walls or the art in your dining room.

Here are the details most often missed in renovations…


Comfort in the Water Closet: Toilets

Let’s be honest, few people will rave to their guests about their toilets. There are, however, some toilets that are EXTRAORDINARY in the comfort and hygiene they provide…and while this isn’t a design detail that guests will look for, it certainly IS something they’ll be aware of when they use the water closet themselves.

Trone Plumbing is a go-to vendor for our renovation projects because of the MANY luxury features their toilets offer. Some of those are:

  • ToeTouch (to open the seat and flush with a tap of the foot)
  • Heated seat
  • Warm water
  • Air dryer
  • Remote control

Just look at some of the Trone products that truly make the difference between a bathroom “getting by” and providing absolute luxury and comfort…

Nobelet: Black Matte by Trone

Ganza II by Trone

Fountina by Trone


Finer Details

There are other details that your guests won’t always “experience,” but which do fill in the gaps in the canvas that is your beautiful home…

From outlet covers that you can personalize by color and material to eye-candy selections that act as mini focal points in a room, check out some of these details that people will absolutely notice—even if they don’t “notice” them!

Totally personalizable outlet covers by Legrand

Cabinet hardware (especially unique finds, like this one from Atlas)

A colored bowl sink, like this one available on Prosource

A single antique selection blended in with design, like this vanity from Prosource


Techier Details

Technology works silently in the background for us in so many ways every day. It also works plenty in the foreground of our attention today, too!

In the home, that’s no different.

These selections from Legrand go beyond the manufacturer’s beautiful outlet covers (which, by the way, we’ve used in dozens of remodeling projects). Some of their products are techy “toys” that guests will definitely notice, and others go unperceived (sometimes because your guests don’t know much about the tech, themselves).

Just think…any one of these could enhance the environment in your home in surprisingly impactful ways, even if they aren’t big and bright selections that hang plainly on a wall.

Pro tip: The MOST “unnoticed” detail that can COMPLETELY change the experience in your home is occupancy sensor technology…do you realize how many different “commands” you can automate with occupancy sensors?!

Do away with the dated smoke alarms and the like and take your safety tech up a level!

kitchen counter in signature home services remodel with pop up outlet charging station

Convenient outlets EVERYWHERE, which is one of today’s home electric requirements

Finally, a cord cover that doesn’t look like you live in an office!!


Now…think about the last time you were in a space that just felt “dated” or unattractive. There were probably details you latched onto right away, like some mismatched furniture or an ugly light fixture.

Don’t you think, though, that there were probably even more details that you didn’t notice?

It’s the details that we don’t immediately latch onto turn the “feel” we’re after from an idea into a flawless experience. Make sure you create the feeling YOU want in your home, starting with some of these selections!

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