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Selecting the Right Type of Toilet Seat

Selecting the Right Type of Toilet Seat

When you think of a master bath remodel, you can probably picture the tile selections or the light fixtures. Or maybe you envision the perfect vanity with STUNNING lighting around it. Perhaps you imagine stepping into a steam shower where you breathe in an invigorating aroma therapy…

The selections that go into a bathroom remodel make for a fun and exciting experience. You get to picture yourself in the space and imagine what each selection would do for your day-to-day.

The very LAST selection you think about would be something as un-glamorous as the toilet seat!

If you hadn’t thought of it before, the toilet seat is one of the single most important selections you’ll make for the most intimate comfort in your bathroom.

The thing is, there are many types of toilet seats—far more than you probably think! There are technology considerations, too, that could make all the difference in comfort or even your regular cleaning…

Want to see what’s out there?! Keep reading to learn how to select the perfect toilet seat…

Classifying Toilet Seats

Toilets and toilet seats vary in seat material, seat type, “rough in” size, toilet bowl height, bowl type, color, application, installation, and toilet type.

That’s NINE ways to classify toilet seats!!

Each of these parameters serves in helping you pick a toilet seat that’s comfortable, durable, efficient, and aesthetically fit for your remodeling project.

Now let’s look at these parameters one after the other…

Seat Material

Toilet seat materials determine two things: comfort and durability. There are plastic, wooden, and porcelain toilet seats.

As you probably guessed, plastic toilet seats are the most popular but also the least durable. They also have no claim to comfort!

Wood and porcelain each offer a heavier, more supportive feel, however they’re more susceptible to change in temperature.

PRO TIP: The NUMBER ONE tip you will EVER get about toilet seats is to sit on it at the showroom!! This is such an important selection for your bathroom…whatever material you think you like, or whatever you choose for the parameters below, be sure you sit on it to get your final verdict!!

Seat Type

The two toilet seat types offer a consideration that’s primarily aesthetic. There are two over-arching categories of toilet seats: closed front seats and open front seats.

These two categories come in varying subtypes, also, like closed front with cover, open front with cover, closed front with less cover, and open front with less cover.

…Is your head spinning yet?!

These toilet seat types give you a great topic of conversation with your remodeler or interior designer. Come prepared to the conversation with thoughts on the toilet seats you know you don’t like, and it will be easier to identify the perfect one you’ll love.

“Rough In” Size

You also need to know your toilet’s rough in size, because without it, your new toilet seat might not fit over the toilet!

Rough in sizes range from as low as 4 inches to as high as 37 inches.

If you’re planning a remodel project with a company like Signature Home Services, you get access to the professionals who identify rough in size for you so that you’re only presented with the seat options that come in the size you need.

Toilet Bowl Height

The toilet bowl height influences the toilet seat you’ll choose, too.

For instance, if your toilet is already higher than the standard seat, selecting a toilet seat that’s also tall could make it hard for some people to use the toilet.

On the other end of the spectrum, a toilet that sits particularly low can be more comfortable with a thick toilet seat selection.

Bowl Shape

You’re most likely familiar with elongated toilet bowls

Here’s a surprise: there are also rounded toilet bowls, octagonal toilet bowls, rectangular toilet bowls…and the list goes on!

The toilet seat you select must fit properly over the toilet shape. There are some shapes that are more common in different areas, too, such as the elongated toilet bowls in the U.S. and rounded toilet bowls in Europe.


Your toilet seat’s color contributes in a BIG way to the aesthetics of a bathroom. There are endless color and finish options to choose from for your toilet seat…

You can also order custom colors if your preferred color is not already available.

Read about these three timeless design colors…


The application of the toilet seat helps you select the most durable option, based on your use.

Principally, you have to consider how often the bathroom will be used. Is it a powder room by the front door, or your master bathroom?

Toilet application classes in the home include: master bath, powder bath, guest bath, children’s bath, pool bath.


Toilet seats are generally installed by a set of hinges so the seat can be raised and lowered. The actual attachment type is classified either as bottom fixings or top fixings.

Talk to your design-build remodeler to see which seat type is the most secure or appropriate option for the bathroom you’re remodeling.

PRO TIP: Another feature you’ll read a LOT about these days is the “quick release” seat feature. Just like the name suggests, this is an innovative hinge type that allows you to effortlessly remove the seat for simple cleaning. You’ll never have trouble getting into those hinge grooves again!!

Toilet Type

One reason you need to put toilet types into consideration for the toilet seat is the ease of repair and component replacement!

The toilet seat, after all, is a component that might be removed to access other components!

One-piece toilets have both the tank and the bowl as a full, inseparable set. Two-piece toilets have the tank and the bowl in separate pieces.

You’d often find one-piece toilets are easier to clean. Two-piece toilets, however, offer uninhibited access to replacing tank components without moving the toilet seat.


For a real touch of spa-like luxury, consider a heated toilet seat, too. These selections are so commonplace now that heated seat options come in all the desired parameters above.

Remember…this ONE selection has some of the biggest impact on your day-to-day comfort in your bathroom.


Another small feature with a HUGE impact is the soft close option on the toilet seat lid. Honestly…who can stand that SNAP when the seat lid falls?! But who wants to hold a toilet seat tightly to lower it without a sound??

The soft close feature on toilet seat lids is just as reliable as the soft close on cabinets…and it’s just one more choice you can make to create the environment you feel totally relaxed in.

What Else Should You Consider When Picking a Toilet Seat?

Start with at least entry-level knowledge of how to match these parameters to the expectations you have of your bathroom remodel.

Then, fill in the rest with consultation with our design team!!

We pride ourselves in providing a Signature Experience, meaning all you need to do is describe the end result of your dream remodel. Our team then sets to work on the nitty-gritty, even down to your toilet seat selection.

Plan to shop at stores where you have a full range of options. We often recommend Ferguson to our customers. Their searchable products with ALL the needed classification parameters will help you pick the perfect toilet seat for you.

Considering a toilet remodeling project? Start with our Remodel Planner.

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