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Robin’s Story: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Robin’s Story: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Eight years…so much has happened…but here we are again. It’s October and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I can now say I’m eight years in remission!

As I’ve told this story so many times (like here and here and here), it was a journey and now looking back, I can truly rejoice in the journey. I can rejoice in the fact that I had such an incredible support team behind me and that I was able to help so many in their journeys, too, and help others who were going through it with their loved ones.

This month is all about awareness. Breast cancer can hit at any age. Male or female. It doesn’t discriminate. I always joke and asked if you’ve been squeezed…and maybe I shouldn’t joke at all, because everyone needs to take it seriously. And guys, you need to be doing self-exams as well, especially if women in your family have had breast cancer.


When Cancer Hits…

When cancer hits you, it’s not just you; it’s your family, your friends, it’s your community. I’ve met people who didn’t share their journey because they’re “private…” But to me, it’s truly hard to understand that. The more I open up about my journey, it released my stress and anxiety, and frankly people are curious. They want to know.

AND…you help them NOT BE SO AFRAID!

That’s why my journey was so important and still is to this day! I truly want to help others down this path that is so difficult. Every journey will not end like mine, or my mother’s (who is now seven years in remission). But…it is a journey we can all share and help each other in, it is life and as we all know. Life can be difficult at times, but the lessons we learn can really help us grow and enjoy what we have even more…love, joy, happiness, friendship, health, smiles, hugs…so much!

So…if you haven’t had your squeeze, what are you waiting for? Is it because you’ve heard it hurts? Come on…even if it does, isn’t saving your life worth just a few seconds of pain worth it? The mammogram that my mother and I got BOTH caught our cancer! Do your self-exams…make it “spicey”…yes I did say that!!!

Your life is important to me…I want you to journey through life with me for many more years. Because let me tell you, I’m just getting warmed up…and the best is yet to come!!!

So go GET SQUEEZED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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