Kitchen with the Midas Touch

Kitchen Renovation with the Midas Touch

This client had worked with Signature Home Services before. After a primary bathroom remodel that repurposed space from an adjacent closet, this client was confident that the design team could come up with masterful solutions for the kitchen, too.

And the kitchen definitely needed it.

The original space was as old as the house—and with the couple both working remotely, the kitchen was a critical part of their daily grind. The design solutions moved windows to welcome in more natural light, completely reworked the layout, and adorned the space with breathtaking design details like bright white subway tile and golden cabinet hardware.

What our team had to solve...

The design challenges revolved around opening the space up in a big way. This meant more than just removing the intrusive existing island, because external-facing windows would have to be relocated for the cabinetry updates, too. This couple longed for more lightness in the space—both in the light that came in and in the selections made.

The Challenges

This kitchen was extremely dated, and additional challenges arose in construction due to the age of the house and the unlevel and out-of-square framing. The age and location of the duct work, too, required new duct work to be custom made after the soffits on the kitchen ceiling were removed.

The Story...

The vision when design started...

The kitchen renovation would be a profound update. The kitchen was long overdue, and the dated finishes and selections were the least of this couple’s problems. The design vision was one of a bright and open kitchen that provided plenty of practical work and storage space—for cooking and for work, since the couple both work from home. 

The Vision

In the updated kitchen design, you would be able to feel the lightness in the room. Natural light would fill the space and make it comfortable to both cook and work in. The design selections would all be timeless so as to update the space while still ensuring that the glittering light look would last.

And here's how the solutions look...

The final design selections, colors and finishes take your breath away. The kitchen is filled with natural light from the new location of the windows. That light bounces off an exquisite subway tile backsplash and twinkles the golden cabinet hardware, contrasting more dramatically still with the rich blue accent cabinets. 

The Results

The desired look and feel were both achieved with custom cabinetry selections, new appliances, exquisite tile and quality finishes throughout the space. The new layout provided the desired functionality in the kitchen, too.

The Project Gallery

From the client's point of view...

“Signature’s work transformed not only the physical nature of the kitchen, but the flow and brightness of the home. Their work is not only of high quality, but also very functional. As a very hands-on person, I wanted to be sure I was a part of the process, and I was! Every step of the way, the team asked my thoughts and opinion, and we were able to make some game changing pivots to ensure we made the most use of the space and make it beautiful! Not only do my family and I walk in every day and love it, but we get so many compliments on the timelessness and beauty of it. Now as we all know, not everything is perfect, and while I have yet to have any concerns or changes, the team still checks in with me to see if I am still enjoying the space or if there is anything in need of repair/focus. Good news, I am!”

Stacy G.
Trophy Club, Texas

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