Custom Bathroom with Steam Shower Experience

Custom Bathroom with Steam Shower Experience

This client had just finished renovating their kitchen with the team, and next it was time for the bathroom. The large primary bath had “his and hers” waterclosets and other features which were once a luxury. Now, however, much of it looked dated.

The raised tub and natural stone in the original bathroom gave the room an old Roman look. The cabinets had to be completely reworked to accommodate the homeowner’s daily routines, too, namely to house regular grooming devices.

The resulting primary bath design would add amenities like a large and luxurious steam shower. The homeowner dreamed of unwinding in the space after a workout. Custom cabinetry was drawn out, too, and a new vanity put in. A gorgeous freestanding tub with an “eye candy” chandelier became became a stunning focal point, and a truly spectacular bathroom was made.

What our team had to solve...

This bathroom renovation would require a total overhaul. Once selections were made, the production staff managed a calendar of delivery dates to ensure all materials and selections were on-hand before proudction started. With key deliveries already made, the team would ensure minimal disruption to the couple’s day-to-day.

The Challenges

The original bathroom had an old Roman look. The grand tub sat on a raised deck and occupied too much space. Expanses of natural stone darkened the room and gave it a permanently wet look. The client dreamed of a primary bath that could deliver total relaxation at any point in the day, especially after the gym.

The Story...

The vision when design started...

The footprint of the bathroom would remain the same. The new tub would be as much a focal point as the stunning chandelier above it. The shower would be curbless, set behind massive panes of clear glass to keep the space looking open. The cabinetry would not only be custom, but wired so that grooming electronics could be properly stored.

The Vision

The spacious walk-in steam shower would provide total relaxation with daily aroma therapy, all while minimizing noise and blending seamlessly into the room’s design. The custom cabinetry would fit with the client’s daily use perfectly. The finishes would be clean and timeless.

And here's how the solutions look...

The final design selections throught the space were timeless. Bright and clean white tile and neutral finishes twinkle under the slick black plumbing hardware and rich wood cabinetry. The new tub and the chandelier steal the show when you walk in, but it’s the steam shower that seals the experience of complete and sumptuous relaxation.

The Results

The desired level of luxury was met in this primary bath. With no interruptions in production because of the impeccable project management executed from day one (with seamless management of half a dozen specialist subcontractors), the finished space was as relaxing to renovate as it was to take in once done.

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From the client's point of view...

“By far, my favorite feature of my renovated master bath is the beautiful garden tub. It provides the perfect space to relax and unwind at the end of the day.”

Cindy B.
Trophy Club, Texas

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